Examu sucks thread

This is a thread for you to freely complain about how much you dislike examu and what they do for business.

1st offense - Arcana Heart Full - For a balance changing patch that added 4 colors and training mode, they tried to charge about $1,500 just to update the machines. For not even including a character of any sort. Lame.

They ended up still charging $800 or so for the training mode update, and it was required for SBO. Arcades either payed a ton of money and got an update that, visually, looked the same, or they had nobody playing at their arcade.

2nd offense - Arcana Heart 2:
About 7 months after Arcana Heart 2 was released, they released an update for it called “Arcana Heart 2 Suggoi!”. This time, it had 2 new characters, 2 new arcanas, balance changes, and new stages. They charged a normal price for it, but most arcades found it worth it to buy, as it actually resembled how an “upgrade” should look.

3rd offense - Arcana Heart 2 Suggoi!:
4 months after Suggoi was released, Examu wanted to make a balance patch, as their “Balanced Suggoi” was actually quite unbalanced and still had plenty of mistakes.

So to release a new patch that has training mode added and some balance changes, as in, things that were their fault in the first place, they’re charging $1000 for JUST THE UPGRADE or $1500 for the board itself. So each arcade, for each machine that they want people to play on, has to pay $2000, in an economy when arcades are already in trouble. Except for major arcana hangouts and arcades with a lot of money anyways (the ones charging 100 yen per play instead of 50 yen), the places that currently have suggoi aren’t going to get this upgrade. This upgrade is REQUIRED for SBO, so this screws over small arcades that have one machine that occasionally gets played, as the monopoly on the arcades that people already play at becomes stronger. As players are going to want to train for SBO, they’re going to only the arcades with the version that’s gonna be played. Overall, it’s an update that should be free, but isn’t. Now, less arcades are going to get Arcana games in the future, as Examu has a reputation for doing this sort of thing, not once, but TWICE. This only hurts the arcana community, and Examu just wants money.

If you want to bitch and whine about this issue, do it here!

Let’s not forget that they were completely gung-ho about AH2 when AH1 barely lasted a year. Hell, AH2 was announced before AH1 ever became available on consoles. Most games go through at least a year or two for a life cycle in these situations, attaining patches and the like along the way to continue to brandish the game into the best final product they can hope for.

We get hype for the PS2 release coming out, but two months later you get the damn sequel, effectively killing a huge incentive to buy the first one. Now people either play catch up, jump in brand new into AH2, or just don’t even bother.

At this point they could just market AH3 after SBO, put in more characters that are cool, but fuck up the entire synergy the first game got down perfectly, and just sit there and laugh as they continue the process over and over again.

Yeah, WAY to promote the ex-board, btw. Arcades just love to buy a system from a company that already has ripped them off twice with software alone. :wasted:

hey guys lets make a shitty game on the shitty samurai shodown 6 engine

sippin dat HATERADE

I have a quick and honest question: how does the training mode work in an arcade? :blush:

Do you pay for time, or is it an auxillary mode accessible through the config menu for the board’s owners, or what?

Hey DandyJ, when I play SS6 I often catch myself on thought that this is some imperfect MUGEN conversion, and thats why game doesnt feels like it should, and also thats why backgrounds and sprites have so different resolutions

Don’t worry it’s going to have such great games such as MONSTER and DEMON BRIDE

You pretty much just get like, 240 seconds, or whatever they set up. It’s actually worse for the arcades too because too many people will play training mode, and then nobody will play against them because it’s “rude” and so instead of people pumping in money, they’ll end up waiting or not playing at all, thus losing the arcade more money. Awesome idea!

Yuki worked on SS6? I didn’t think they had anything to do with that. I know they did a loctest of the the final version of SSVS before SNKP canceled it. But I thought after that their relationship with SNKP was over.

I’ve only played SS6 and AH a few times, so I never noticed if the engines felt similar.

Be thankful you don’t own an arcade, I guess.

Exploitation is pretty shitty but it’s only a matter of time before people attempt to cash in. It’s not just Examu. It’s Cave as well. Some companies prefer to work towards a new edition of their series (like Namco), and some just like to shove in incremental updates (hello gg). Cave have been making shmups and then releasing 1.5 versions, then Black Label versions. It’s been happening for awhile now. Most of these are outright revamped versions of the previous game, but the Black Label versions need to be purchased independently. It costs about $300 to upgrade to 1.5, which is fine, but then they release a “complete” version (which drops in price about $200 every 6 months) that starts at around $2200.

Console ports are another factor. Most pcb owners like myself don’t give a shit if a game’s coming to a console, but a lot of people do. They’re going to want to know why you’re buying a pcb that’s hundreds of dollars when you could simply get the import/PS2 version, etc. But ports are a double edged sword - if you own the pcb and the port is released, one of two things will happen: the port will be flawed, the pcb value will rise, or the port will be perfect, and the pcb value will drop.

If I were Examu, I would probably do this too. Because I don’t have anything else to do this with.

damn, someone is randomly bitter :lol:

bottom line: Examu as a company fucking blows but the Arcana engine is solid. Kinda sucks, at least they arent screwing people over for console release.

i will prolly never play anything made by them so i can’t complain

If this is how they treat their Arcade customers, then they probably would if they could. Expect to pay $60 for online patches for whatever next-gen game they release.

so examu does bussines ala Sega… :looney:

Then why did you bother posting?

Anyway, I really am looking forward to Daemon Bride…
I am seriously worried that they will attempt to pull this shit on that game…

you can bet your life into it that they would do the same :rolleyes:

Don’t buy into it. All you can do is speak with your money.

So why aren’t the japanese players speaking with their money?

:rofl: Good one.