EXAR Exaprize USB Stick Sanwa Edition for PlayStation 3


[]**Amazon Japan - ¥ 9,343 - Releases Nov. 23, 2011
]Play-Asia - $119.90 - Releases Nov. 23, 2011


For those of you not familiar with the industrial design of this stick, it is the same as the following:

[]EXAPRIZE USB STICK (PlayStation 3)
]The KOF XII USB STICK (PlayStation 3)
[]Wii EXARSTiCK (Wii)
]Wii Tatsunoko vs. Capcom EXARSTiCK (Wii)

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a thread for an upcoming release, but trying to be a helpful tech talker again :wink:

I have every one of the above sticks… It’s an all plastic base, just FYI. It’s on the light size. It’s nice to have Sanwa parts from the get-go which seems to be the main redeeming factor of this stick; unless you’re a fan of the size/weight. Also 6 buttons gets some ppl hot and heavy. :wink:

That’s all from me. I did not have really great things to say about the other sticks, but now it’s different since it is using quality parts.


not just 6 buttons but 6 buttons done the right way. Astro 6 not Vewlix 6
Think i will pick one of these up since i wanted the tvc one.

Ooh, Exar’s finally making a Sanwa stick? Awesome!

And it’s cooler too!

If I can put an LS-32…

Took them long enough.

If I manage to get my hands on this my Madcatz SE is going to be up for grabs.

This looks excellent, especially since the build quality of the original EXAR sticks were surprisingly high.
This also seems be the smallest commercial Sanwa stick (?), on top of being one of the most compact sticks out there at the moment.
Preordered \o/

Anyone remember if the PCB was common-ground on their previous sticks?
I assume “yes”.

Also, well done Exar. If I wasn’t broke, I’d preorder one right now.

6 buttons, and they’re not spaced too close to the joystick.

Lol, posted about this on my site and then keits put it up on the front page.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. i wonder how they’re mounting the stick. From what I remember, that casing is quite slim.

This is a win for me. I always loved the Exar design.

You only like it because it’s “cooler” out of the box.

I’ve always liked the Exar design. Of course I whole heartedly endorse any six button retail stick (even with bizarro button colors). It is part of my 2012 campaign for great justice.

TBH, I was never a fan of the stick as it was. I liked the design, but once you put your hands on it, it’s totally different.

I’m a fan of compact sized sticks and the six button layout is huge plus in my book. I may just grab one of these up.

Too expensive for me, since I’d have to replace the buttons with a better uniform color and mod for xbox. It’s too bad, I really like the Exar sticks and would like to have one at some point. $30-40 would have to be about the max.

I know your not thinking $30-40 New Even used at that price is crazy low for any stick, even if Exar is mid-teir it will still end up on rare side. As far as I can remember the VSHG was the lowest retail priced stick that contained a JLF

That’s just my fantasy price, hardly a realistic one. It isn’t that I can’t afford it, it’s just that I’m not willing to turn this into a $200 project.

$120 base + $15 shipping + $40 new pcb + $18 new buttons and balltop = way too much for a little stick I won’t really enjoy playing on. I like the design and layout though, especially the unbranded Wii one.

it sounds a bit pricy for me but i might end up getting one.

I’ll probably be getting one, in support of 6-buttons off course.

It would be cool if that Exar could get some custom PlayStation pastel Sanwa colored buttons but it seems Hori is the only company that has that kind of hook up and I’ve only seen it on 24mm

I remember my hyperstick had custom PS-15’s pastel colored buttons wish I would had kept those