This thread is for your thoughts on Excalibur. Yeah yeah, I know its only used in air combo usually but post your other thoughts here.

My strange idea was using tk lp excalibur as an anti-air. It goes suprisingly fast and can be a nice sneak attack. Example, I got my friend a couple times with flying Sent…

Your thoughts?


I use it against runaway Storm.

Get orbs, normal jump, lp excalibur and mash for the orbs.

similarly, you can use it like a quick drop in the air as long as you have the orbs and they are in block stun.


is that safe?


Seems to be relatively safe. I mean even if storm uses lightning attack or a super, ouro either knocks her out or protects strider from maximum damage from lightning storm. It makes her waiste a super and most likely bring her down.

This is an educated guess though. I haven’t fought a damn good runaway storm before.


Its not that safe trust me rofl. When u get in the air and mis-place a excalibur they can just counter with lightning attack into lightning storm. Its only good when you know when you can hit. When you face a char like storm once mistake can cost you strider. :mad:


If you have Ouroboros on and you’re mashing to make orbs come out you’re fine.


its pretty safe. thats why i say NORMAL jump and excalibur with the orbs on. super jumping into excalibur gives him too much hang time and storm might land and hit him before he can recover.

the orbs can keep storm in blockstun or hit her out of what she’s doing and since storm is already up in the air, you’ll as the same time as her with her in blockstun or even sooner than her with her being in block or hit stun.


what about when storm’s above you and she lightning storms? if strider’s going up, how can orbs hit her? the lightning will hit strider, who’s below, so the orbs and the rings won’t be able to hit storm.


Why would Storm waste a meter to get 3 or 4 hits in off of a Lightning Storm when if she just blocks the orbs and lands, 9 times out of 10 your Ouroboros has run out and she has at LEAST a 50/50 chance of getting back up in the air and running again?

I don’t know any Storm player that would do this. It’s a highly unlikely situation.


the only time you can ever do a random excalibur is when you have just started orbs and they get away, then you can do it since on your way down you are protected by orbs and you can still toss rings while in the fall animation. anyother time you do excalibur outside a combo is unexceptable :mad: :mad: :fury:



can excalibur recover hella quick or something and attach to the walls? LOL

like in some Strider movie combos or something I see Strider recover from a lp excalibur or something like that X_X


Read my post again, and read it clearly. :rolleyes:


oh, by the way, the only excalibur that can’t be punished after it hits is the lp(and the lk for very slow chars) one that goes almost straight up. For all the other ones, even if you connect, your opponent will still recover faster than you and will make you regret strider even had that move. Unfortunately, the lk excalibur isn’t and overhead so it’s only usefull for comming down fast.


well on the ground excalibur is against spiral mainly you can hit her back unless she is throwing swords while she is dashing and you will prolly be under the swords… but besides that any type of person who tries to rush with sentinel gets hit because it’s fast hits lower than sentinals Y , and it hits from across the screen and they can’t hit you, its’ useful, of course use the ducking version lol