Excecution help (noob problems)

So I figured my first step into SFIV would be to take on the trials to learn characters combos/figure out which character I like. I knew I wouldn’t get TOO far, but I figured I’d make it a decent amount.
So far I’ve been trying Ryu and Ibuki. …and I can’t get the ones as soon as they’re actual combos.
I’m stuck on 7 as ryu which is just: cr. mP, cr. mP, cr. hK
and 9 as Ibuki: lP, mK.
For whatever reason, I cannot get the kicks to connect. Dan keeps blocking them, or it hits him, but the combo restarted. I try pressing the buttons early, late, as soon as the attack ends, mashing it, etc. nothing is working for me.
It must be my execution, but I don’t know what to do to fix it. If necessary I could potentially post a video, but i’m sure there’s something obvious im doing wrong.

My best is to stick with it. C.Mp. C.Mp. C.Hk is a hard link for beginners, but I think its somewhat of a hill, once you are able to do it once, it just becomes more and more easy. It may be to early, but you should try to learn how to do the execution technique called Plinking. If you want to play Ibuki, I will warn you thatshe has quite some tricks that are execution heavy, especially for beginners. Let me know how this works out, I will try to assist more if its required.

When i get home I’ll try watching some videos on plinking.
Yeah, I heard she is hard to learn for beginners, but I wanted to try her trials just to see how I would fare.
I finally got trial 9 as her, but then got stuck on 10, her target combo. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you are doing a combo and he blocks it, the move is too late
if nothing comes out you are doing it too early

Watch the tutorials, absorb the info, learn the combos in training room and develop fundamentals by playing other people.

Thanks. ^-^
I’ve just been trying repeatedly and with more characters, and I can hit combos a lot easier. (not perfectly, mind you). But i will definitely watch those videos, hopefully i can learn a bit more.

Hello Mate, how are things going for you?

Heh, thanks for checking up on me. :3
I tried a bit harder on Ibuki’s trials and i can consistently do that target combo now. I tried out some more characters figured out i also liked Juri and Dudley.
Then i found out skullgirls has a nice supernoob tutorial so im doing that right now. It’s really helping learning how these games work. After i was going to go back to Ae. but dont really know where to go from there. :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah, positive progress for the most part. :smiley:

Good stuff mate, I recommend you find someone you can play and have a dialog with. Where do you reside?

Near indianapolis, IN, US.

What system are you playing on?

PS3. you?

hey i know how you feel about the excecution. my excecution is pretty much on point with the xbox 360 pad but i recently started going to some club but they only have ps3 there and my excecution on ps3 isnt so decent. i can do half circle’s, quater circles and charge moves just fine but i find it really hard to do 2 quater circle forwards or backwards. i was playing persona 4 arena today and i could cancel into special moves but canceling into super moves, my fingers would just feel weird and not do em properly. is there something i can do to fix this problem except for actually practicing on the ps3 pad? cos i cant practice often

Yeah you better learn how to plink,it makes combos much easier,do it,it’s OP. Also if you’re starting with this type of fighting games,the joystick motions could be hard,if you’ve got trouble with them I’ll recommend you use the…um…back aup down ford ‘‘buttons’’.For me was really easier and lastly you should really try out some easy combos from the internet,most of the trial combos are just to let you know how the character works and you won’t use them that often (except for some cases)

i know how to plink its just the motions that are hard for me. im not used to playing on a ps3 pad since its so tiny it just feels weird. it feels weird trying to do 2 quater circle forward cos i have never had to do em on a ps3 pad

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