Excel or parry?


SF4 has its focus attack function, what if sf5 was made? Given one choice, would you add parry or excel?

I personally prefer excel, more crazy combos. Parry killed the fireball zoning aspect of sf, which is very integral at least to shoto/fireball characters. And most casual pre sf3 played fireball characters thats why sf3 didn’t sell well as other the other sf series.


They have 3S in the PH?

Besides why can’t they have both?


How about not adding either terrible mechanic.


Just Defence.




Parrying is a terrible feature, that should never be added to any fighting game ever again, as it is what killed SF3.


I prefer parrying over FA’s atleast. Crazy comebacks are fun :slight_smile:


IMO they shouldn’t have either. There are already enough defensive options in SF, namely anti airs, pokes, fireballs (zoning in general) and not to mention blocking. In general you shouldn’t have more defensive options than offensive, otherwise you get a turtlefest which sucks.


Personally I like parrying better than focus attacks. I miss air blocks though and I think that should be brought back into the SF series. Also, leaping attacks and high jumps from the SF3 series were great!

I think 3rd Strike was killed by the lack of recognizable characters much more-so than one gameplay aspect that is unique to the series. Also marketing was a major problem with that series, the home console version of the game was brought to the Dreamcast exclusively for it’s year 2000 release (just like it’s predecessors in 1999). It wasn’t until 2004 that it was released for the PS2 and then was brought to the Xbox in 2005. In the first game in that series there was no Chun-Li or Akuma, so Ryu and Ken were the only recognizable characters. Akuma was added in SF3: 2nd Impact as a secret character and Chun-Li in 3rd Strike.


We don’t need fancy subsystems. Fighting games aren’t good until they’re really boring.


parries if done correctly can add much strategie value to a game see battle fantasia or Akatsuki Biltzcampf, now i agree that in sf3 is just half assed


Alpha Counter with juggle capabilities.

Think about it: AC>Ultra. peace out cUDDY!:cool:


Seeing how weird and messed up and one sided Street Fighter is, who cares?

Though if I were to make changes, I would make it so a person can jab projectiles or if they block right away near the same time take no chip damage.

Don’t know what this excel thing is. The focus can stay but no longer has any armor while being faster at breaking block but is back dash cancel able, that or give every character an overhead move so guard break isn’t needed as much, but focus does add on some combo element. Parry should counter right away when it connects to something or work like roses deflecting projectile and yes that includes the triple or ultra ones.

lp lk = grab
mp mk = focus guard breaker / combo cancel
hp hk with a forward or down motion = parry counter

select for taunt.

I would also remove command grabs but those who are grapple characters be able to use a super or ultra while already in a normal grab. Along with a slight extended version with using ex in a grab as well.

Don’t be ignorant, SF3 didn’t sell well because of no tutorial and stupid hard control motions. Not to mention Capcom required that 10 year vacation after all those remakes of re-selling the near exact products which people still would be willing to buy a remake of SF2 if made possible.


This is your first troll post that actually made me chuckle. Congrats.


as much as I loved ex2 and ex2+ do we really want to see SF5 turn into this?



Thank goodness for the release of EX2Plus.

Still shinji, you gotta admit unless everyone spends all day in practice mode and the tournament standard is Ex2 vanilla with 3 super bars at the start of each round its nothing to be worried about.

He’s a troll? I just thought he was…you know…well, nevermind.


EX2+ has it own share of excel kill combos. often based a little bit upon the maniacs and what was in EX2 video that I posted. I just couldn’t find any decent ones in the short time I spent looking for them on youtube otherwise I would have posted them.

Whats SF5 going to do? Have an ultra meter, a super/ex meter and then also an excel meter?


They need to bring back the EX guard breaks back; focus attacks just don’t cut it.


GOT DAMN YOU SHINJI!!! My precious EX2+, you leave the best SF fighting game EVER MADE…ALONE!!! :annoy:


But in all seriousness. I vote Excel, it’s custom combos done right. But maybe it should cost two bars instead of one (well in EX2+ anyways). :smiley:

I’d like to see a SFEX4 before ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYY version of S/SF4 made.

Will the EX series ever be revived.


I like parries.

They wouldn’t work in other fighters, but they make Third Strike more fun.

And I thought that Third Strike failed because of the advent of 3D fighters, like Tekken. I’m open to being wrong here, I’m just confused.