Excellent players you played online

For folks that still regularly play SF: OE, list tags that you remember fighting against and getting your ass royally handed to you lol. I usually learn a thing or two about this game I didn’t know before after playing some of these folks. I’ll start the list:
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Hard_Bread - overall A-game player. Knows the char’s usual routine and punishes accordingly.
Teen_Hearts - sick player! Awesome execution and sick Oro play. Once you get MP’ in the air, its pretty much game over lol.
EddieRoids- Excellent Hugo; standing qk–>grab shenanigans galore. My Q doesn’t usually have issue with Hugo but Eddies just gives me headache lol.
MrCalculus(sp?)- Excellent Urien player. Better stand up asap or eat Door traps all day long.

There are a few more I can’t remember atm. I’ll post more later. If you see these folks in random rank/pub match room, bring your A-game.

Ive only faced 2 good ones. Duralath or something like that, and a blue ken named drewster.
Edit: I dont regularly play online, so the chances of me running into a good player are low.

I don’t want to say Shinshay and Exodus because they’re both old-school EC players, but they’ve been spending a lot more time online lately so I guess those two. I only actually played one online match against Shinshay, and that was when I was using a keyboard(terrible terrible terrible). I never played Exo online, but I have fought these guys before in tournaments and casuals. I was also ass back then, maybe I wouldn’t get beat down AS hard nowadays. :stuck_out_tongue:

Japan-wise, I’d say goukisan. He wasn’t the best online player I’ve gone up against(I went toe-to-toe against him, if that says anything), but I had the most fun on GGPO thanks to that guy. He never played Oro though, just Sean and Alex(odds are due to lag), and even then he was actually good with them. I was real happy to see him appear at those Game Bingo tournaments; really nice guy and a solid player.


Excellent players

Pick one.

This chap I played some time ago had a tag “NoMoreFunland”

Good one I guess?
Except a lot of good players play online on OE they just aren’t necessarily in ranked.

Eatabletech, Sandybags, Muraltag, Hispanicjap, … are the ones who consistently beat me up.

PSN: HardBread, Dark Comedreja, Riot Guard, Kicks something… another Elena player.

I’ve found most of the the good players don’t bother with ranked. Actually, most of the good players don’t play OE lol.

BIGDONGSTUDIOS - Very strong dudley

drewster’s dope, so is neenooz (neiman). XYoonZ is good as well. Comadreja likes to lag a lot. Kicks42 is dope too.

Sessha: I remember you as well. We’ll get another match in sometime, yeah?

Also, against Eddyroids, he gets faked out a lot by a whiffed jump-in into throw shenanigans. Also, he likes to wake-up 360/super when he’s really pressured. Just FYI.

I have a real hard time against Hispanicjap.

are you kidding is that a real name. because i laughed pretty hard

probably missing lots of recent people since i don’t play oe as much as before. but imo these are some good north american players on psn:

teen hearts
abareable (eric kim? seems gone now)

most makotos and oros tend to be at least decent but i can’t remember their names. neutral or better attitudes all around except rockman who gets drunk and sends hatemail when the game crashes lol.


Fucking LOL.





Pretty sure I beat most of those other fuckers too actually. If you consider these guys good players than holy shit.

oh god why are you not embarrassed to post replays of yourself

i dont understand this. am i missing something

those look like fun matches.

everyone seems to be playing frogger.

Renic is owning cross assault! Maybe after realizing where he learned how to play these games, more people will flock to 3s.

I can dream.

In a perfect world that doesn’t hate 3rd Strike, I’d believe that could happen. :frowning: