Excellent players you played online

I liked From Dusk Till Dawn Part 2.

Hey HAX do you play on PSN with the handle WTF-GOUKI-HAX? I would assume so with that username…

Tom morello

Really no reason for animosity. Most of the people here are pretty cool, maybe better to drop this particular subject if it’s a sore spot for anyone. I don’t think Dyne or kefka are particularly good based on their online play, but I wouldn’t want to be judged on my online play either so who knows really.

Either way I don’t think there’s too much to be gained by us being grumpy at each other. Let’s just play and enjoy the game and each other. :slight_smile: I"ll shoot you an invite next time I’m online. I live in Alaska so the quality of the connection may be a little worse than you’re used to.

You give him too much of your time goukuma-hax.
roll on brother.

The problem was never about saying GG.
But it’s cool to play the victim and raise your spines because its the internet.

Sir! I’m twenty six sir!

Can anyone just take a minute to explain why I can’t use any meter with Akuma? It’s like he doesn’t have any ex moves! My copy must be hax!!!

D,D + 3P is all the meter you NEEEEEEED!

Anyone that talks shit to akuma hax talks shit to me. That’s my dog.

Fuck dyne, fuck Artayes, fuck bad boy as a staff record label and as a motherfuckin crew.

If you actually think dyne is good and or cool then you’re a fuckin buster


Thanks for the insult/compliment?
Didn’t see no DDT on that TKD that spanked you! Lol


I want to play you too. That video was actually for you to talk shit on someone for not being good. i wouldn’t’ve cared and defending wouldn’t’ve been necessary. I think you are going about this in a really cool way, putting up your fists instead of promising a good fight but I also think you’re plotting points among the community and that isn’t nice considering you’re trying to mingle.

Size us up accordingly, not according to Dyne. Give us a real challenge.

Alaska was all red on this guy’s post about who celebrates Cinco de Mayo. They weren’t left out of the continental US, but the point was only this small section of Mexico was celebrating it, I think. Not enough Spanish to say otherwise.

I’m sure the Corona shipments to Alaska is all going to the 3s population up there. :smokin:

Also, try out Orion if you ever see it. That’s a good one.

My friend who is a 3rd dan blackbelt always brings Orion when we hang out.
cause you know, okinawa, karate, etc.

it’s ok, kinda sweet imo.
the engrishy phrase on the bottle is good
’for your happy time’ iirc

It seems like a really easily drinkable beer. If people don’t even like beer or have their own tastes and don’t have a tolerance yet, they could start with that one as a good starting point.

I tried to impress Japanese girls while in Japan many years ago by ripping a can of beer in half, it was a (now discontinued) Super Magnum Dry (not the garbage Magnum Super Dry) and even though I ripped countless cans before, I ended up ripping it so the can sliced my finger open. Not a deep cut but definitely drew blood and cockblocked me hardcore LOL

I grew up when the FGC was a fight club and you had to earn your respect by playing and showing your skills, not just tagging along with the crowd and being accepted because you share a hobby. It was way more cutthroat than it is now, so forgive me if I don’t take people mocking me and players who I commend, lightly.

That said, I definitely intend to befriend you guys instead of antagonizing, but I also don’t stand for people talking shit about players who clearly know how to play, while commending players who don’t (Maximillian).

I respect skill, not persons. That mentality is oldschool and doesn’t really exist in this new school Facebook age where everyone is trying to be friends with the most popular cats in the club, so I understand your reactions to my defence of Dyne and Kefkaggpo.

The way I class people is by saying they’re shit, decent, good, very good, too good or masters. I let my gameplay speak for itself.

IMO, Dyne and Kefkaggpo are good players. Players like KO, Kuroda and Ino are masters, players like Pyrolee and other SoCal stars are too good, players like jwong and Valle are very good.

I have my own variables which determine what I rank certain players as, and it is a little bias because I base it on how well they would do against me or how good I think they are from their gameplay. But regardless, I think I am fair and I think I am accurate most of the time.

3s is a game where at a certain level, you can practically beat anyone if you are in a certain mindset. I feel like I am close to that level, but I am not a master or even too good, but I am up there and can compete with them, if that makes any sense (it should IMO).

I look forward to playing you guys. My main stick’s jab stopped working today, so I’ll be using my secondary stick unless I can do a quick fix (if it’s a loose connection to the button or something), but I should still be playing at close to max level, no biggie, just full disclosure.

“Welcome to my world, the world of Red Bull”

You didn’t read the Maximillian thread well enough. I was saying he’s plays the game in a non-loopy way and doesn’t afraid of anything and that’s admirable.

Duckcanoe, do you have ggpo?

I’m not sure if I’d take Pyrolee over Justin Wong… Just sayin…

Every time they’ve fought, pyro has won, as far as I remember.

Mongolians at the gates!

Pyro would 10-0 Justin. 6 years ago or now. Doesn’t matter. Right @pyrolee‌ ?