Excellent players you played online

things weren’t objectively different 10+ years ago.
You were just a teenager thinking video games were life.

The avg age of a 3S player in the US is prob 25+. In Japan higher I imagine.
No one has time for that shit anymore.

XD Even 10-0 is too harsh against Justin. I would put it at like 10-6.

Dang… Pyrolee got it like THAT?
Didn’t know.

3 stone Oro off a corner knockdown is the #1 troll super on XBL IMO

So this dickbreath called omrlpz…pretty good at taunting you and sending you mocking messages, but when you get all up in his grill, bitch ragequits and when you call him out for it, he’s like “you didn’t deserve that win I’M GONNA BLOCK YOU NOW!”

:rofl: These niggas…

Are you SRKLantis on PSN?

I thought that was common knowledge by now? :looney:

no one is mentioning my nickname, am I so weak (Alex shut the fuck up)?

yes you are.

slam dance bro. slam dance.

I thought XCOPY was like the troll super by nature but what do I know…

Shinryuu-ken is the choice of (troll) champions.

Troll Super Tier List:

S+: Dudley’s SA2. Why? Safe on block online. Try and parry and he can hit buttons to extend it and throw you off.

S: X-Copy. Self-explanatory. Plus Stun Gun Headbutt. IF an Alex manages to land it it’s an instant “OMFG how did this happen?” moment.

EX Kishin Riki. I swear, some people don’t even know the move exists LOL.


I think my favorite line of the last two pages is “Dander, do you need to take a ride on the duckcanoe too?”

I laughed and laughed.

Vidya gamez is srs bsnss guize.

Nobody’s on XBL anymore, I miss you gays in a totally hetero way.

So is being mad at Kobe Bean Bryant, this guy ruined your life.

Sounds like Dander would be sitting on dude like Rikishi

And making rowing motions

Kobe and I have a mutual hatred; it’s understood.

I’ll bring my own oar

XBL is a cesspool of random bads…I’m glad I didn’t renew for a year