Excellent players you played online

Get back on PSN Haoiii

There are good players on xbl you just gotta make friends and play in lobbies.

I don’t think I can play on my PS3 stick anymore =(
My xbox and ps3 stick feel completely different, and I’ve recently installed a gate and new buttons on the former…that’s the one I’ll be using for now.

PSN players…so quick to taunt after every round but will never ft3/5 you.

It’s cause they already got one. Maybe if you changed your color once in a while.

I am Halberdius’ daddy:


Watch that archive for some good complete domination matches and good OG rap =]

I don’t take kindly to people disrespecting me when they are scrubs.

EDIT: Sorry about the low music volume, I forgot to change it to my 3s volume.

you just didn’t get a chance to ride the igloo boat

Let’s play on ggpo some more. Its bad but whatever.

Igloo canoe

yeah! let’s do it. I can usually play some time after 6 Alaska time on weekdays, or whenever on weekends.

But halberdious is horrible ,why are you so proud…lol

Yeah he’s bad, I’m not proud, I’m posting to piss him off in case he reads the forums.

Why are you jealous?


Trying to take away someone’s victories is a clear sign of jealousy


Sure dude…wherever you say… I guess. lol

Halberdius is my #1 student

how dare all of you

He needs help, teach’

just need to get him to stop using buttslam

Mericaaa just hating on Canada don’t worry Duckcanoe

I love Canada! It’s Mexico that I hate