Excessive Lag in Online play (PC)


I may not be the most active person in posting forum threads, but i try my best to report news from the EU scene.

But now I have some questions about a problem I only encounter in Online play on the PC.
My PC has the “A” rating after the benchmark.

But when i play online i sometimes encounter “slow-motion”/lag.
It works flawlessly when playing Arcade, Versus and Training with all the settings maxed out.
But when im going online to play i have to turn off almost everything, mainly the stage quality.
Even though im playing with my friends from the same country (my internet is 100mbits up and down)
And im starting to get a tad annoyed over the ragemails im getting into my inbox since people seem to think the problem is on my end, which i recently started to believe myself.

Sure, my computer might not be the best on the market. But its only a year old and when i bought it it was a beast.
Is there any way for me to fix this so i can play my SSF4 AE on PC as flawlessly as I do in the arcades and on my XB360 and PS3. Cause it sure is annoying when you miss links due to a quick slowmotion.

Any help will be appreciated.


100 meg connection??? anyway, its ping you need to check rather than bandwidth go to pingtest.net

Yes, since I live in Sweden 100meg fiber connection is what most households get nowadays here.
I tried that pingtest.net and heres the result:

And the speedtest (note I was currently uploading in Utorrent while i did it):

I’ve never encountered any problems like these in past games ive played, therefor im abit confused.
I have opened up most gaming features on my router aswell as DMZ’ed my personal computer (behind DDOS protection)
Im not that new when it comes to computers, but this really got me puzzled.
Especially that im able to maximize every graphical options while playing single player, but not during online play.

And I havent touched the original files in any way, except when i fooled around with different skins. But I made a whole new clean copy of SSF4 AE after i was done playing around.

I know it might seem like a unesecary hassle to get this to work, since i have both a PS3 and a XB360. But the thing is, someone stole my controllers AND powercords during a small local tournament. And my fingers are really itching to have a decent set of SSF4 going.

Thanks however for the reply, and ill see if theres anything else i can change on the router. Or even try to highten the process priority for SF abit more.
But the computer and internet itself should be able to handle the game.

-ZaviorX (still confuzzled)

//Edit, forgot to install Java update to be able to see packetloss. Fixed now.

Any chance you might have a firewall open in the background interfering, or doing processes while you’re playing?

Nope, running DMZ on the firewall as posted above. And while im playing (any game) i always turn off the unnecessary processes. Even running GameBooster from time to time to make sure.

I’ve got similar issues. The game is perfectly smooth when all of a sudden it starts to seriously stutter for 2-3 seconds. Happens almost every match too. 160 fps in benchmark and 100mbit connection. Tried turning off steam overlay etc as I heard that might help, but no luck there. Starting the game from the .exe instead of through steam makes no difference for me either. Unlike you though, this also happens to me in training mode and even in the menus. Drives me nuts and I have no idea what to do. Obviously tried updating my drivers etc.

bear in mind that some player in the lobby has green stripe, but during the combat, his stripe goes to orange or red…

also the players that can’t have 60 constant fps…

no is your fault, I’ve the same problem.

Make sure you run it in full screen mode.

Damn, that must really suck if it happens in training mode for you :frowning:

Yea, I run it in fullscreen mode. And tried every possible resolution with no progress.

Im atleast somewhat at ease to know that im not the only one this occurs to. Hopefully anyone of us comes up with a solution. I will post if i find out what the problem is.

Thats the problem with the netcode, everything shows up as green bars in game. Its dumb.

try and disable “RenderingThread=off” in the .ini file. test how that works.
My benchmark would hit 120 fps also, but I would get strange stutters once in a while, noticable while jumping and landing sometimes also.
RenderingThread=off solved it for me, I was even able to turn Vsync back on and crank the resolution up another step or two. with better performance than before.

GFWL likes to Crap @#$ up also.

I had two small framerate issues that would show up randomly.
completely randomly. and it was hard to tell if it was hardware or internet.

I still get strange issues, but not as commonly.

Where’s this .ini file you speak of? Searched for it in my SF4 folder but couldn’t find it.