Exchange combo ideas

I was messing around in training mode and noticed that when you tag in with exchange, if you don’t do any attacks afterwards your opponent keeps spinning until they hit the floor. Well I started experimenting to see what you could do out of it. I was able to do Wesker and Zero teleports down to the ground to continue the combo and airdash with Iron Man to get in a few hits while they were falling. I haven’t come up with anything too exciting and the fact it uses exchange switch means it’s risky, but I think some interesting combos could come out of this with a little experimentation. Sorry if this was mentioned already.

It’s an untechable free fall?

This could be great for some characters.

Especially any characters that rely more on ground based combos and loops (Felicia, X-23, Wesker)

I believe they become invulnerable during that wall bounce -> fall.

I previous builds, the opponent could punish you after teching out of a team combo. That ability was removed in the final build, most likely to make team combos viable and not just some useless crap that only the newbies would do.

All that happens when they tech is that you take a negligable amount of damage and get pushed really far out. It’s worth going for team combos just to try and fetch extra meter, even if the opponent is onto you since you don’t really lose anything for it; unless the character who got countered is someone you don’t want out in-play.

I found a fun way to build meter with this trick though it’s risky but when you get punished for it, it’s not too bad. You can keep launching and switching out via exchange if both your first two characters have a way to get down to the ground real quick to relaunch. I used Zero’s command dash and Wesker’s teleport and continually switched between the two as I launched and tagged out for about 4 or 5 reps. Don’t know how practical this is but it’s there just in case you want to gamble for more meter. I also found some new combos, but they’re nothing too exciting so I’ll experiment a bit more.

Heh Phampy I just made a quick vid to show it off. Was gonna post a new thread but did a search to see if someone posted one already


Would it be possible to do more then one loop?

I imagine it would with any 3 of Zero, Wesker, Spider-Man, or Spencer (probably some others). I might test it out later; at college now.

…actually probably not Spencer…

:l: Raikousen is a much better damage choice for Zero, assuming the hit stun decay doesn’t kill the combo. I didn’t realize this wasn’t already widely known. You can also relaunch with Dante in the corner if you have a wall bounce by doing mh, Air Play, hs, Wild Stomp, Stinger, relaunch, h, TAC. The original TAC is ignored when you relaunch, so if hit stun decay doesn’t catch up with you, you can start a brand new set of 2 TACs every time you relaunch.