Exclusive Footage of Marn Playing Yu-Gi-Oh



if he’d only ditch that yugioh shit for poker

John Cena thinks he should take up WWE trading cards, by Jakks Pacific.

team MRN was built on swords of revealing light

Isn’t there a video thread?

Dude this isn’t the Video Forum. You’ve been here long enough to know this by now man.

Marn can only win with gimmicks in yugioh too?

Yeah, that’s 9000 points of damage! Slightly painful to watch.

That’s not Marn…and this is not the video forum.


I wonder if the other guy even knew what the fuck he was doing.


That shit was so not-meta

i thought this thread said “Man” playing Yu-Gu-Oh… as in a grown man (which is embarrassing if you think about it). So what exactly is this guy famous for?

As a Yu-gi-oh player, that’s sorta retarded.

lol, but both of those sentiments can be applied to all fighting game players too.

What the fuck is this shit?