Exclusive Limited Seimitsu Buttons + Balltops @ tops-game.jp

Were ya’ll aware tops-game.jp has exclusive limited Seimitsu balltops and PS-14-Gs?









Dark Green, Navy, Turquoise and Deep Pink. Very interesting… very interesting indeed. Does anyone know of other exclusive color runs available elsewhere?

Would have been all over it…if the site was accommodating to non-Japanese. They look interesting though.

Someone get those dark greens and make a guile stick!

I’ll be honest, no, I wasn’t aware.

Those Turquoise buttons are hot though.

Will this site ship overseas? Not that I could figure out how to order, easily.

Yeah it’d be great if someone could translate and find out. Anyone? Please?

Kinda want those turquoise buttons and balltop for repede art I did recently. Now to figure this site out.
edit: It looks like you have to call or fax to order? Bah.

those are hot

not a fan of seimitsu buttons though

Repede is awesome so you get a :tup: from me, and those dark greens are nice o.o

I wonder if people could chip in for a group buy?

It depends on who’s holding the cash when it goes down. :wtf:
Depending on how much they cost, I could see me getting a set, but I’ll check out the site first. You guys do know that you can auto-translate sites with the right plugins?

Which requires using a browser with a Roll-tier UI. :wgrin: I’d much sooner use Google Translate.

The big problem here is that the site uses images for navigation, and there are no programs I know of that can translate a .GIF file.

That’s more of a last ditch effort thing, but I figure if they only do direct orders by fax then they probably only do really big orders.

you can ask TheRealNeoGeo if they can get them

They do ship overseas, I’ve bought PCBs from them in the past. Unfortunately they only took direct bank transfer, which was fine for a pricey PCB, but perhaps not so much for an order of buttons. I don’t know if that’s still the case, though. There is an English “Order Inquiry” e-mail link… it’s worth a try.

If there’s significant interest here I can arrange a bulk order in Japan. I wouldn’t mind getting some of those swank Deep Pink buttons + balltop for a Rose stick myself…

NRX if you end up putting in an order I would be down for a set of 6green + balltop and 6 navy + balltop

I will get some next week also so people know…price is same as the PS-14-G we sell in the store.

Ah, great news!

I’d like to find out how these limited colors happened…

If a little store like Tops can have them produced, maybe Akiba Shop could too? :smiley:

Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to try out some seimitsus for a while now, this is a great opportunity.

Yeah, i’m amazed there aren’t more limited runs and stuff, with the trend towards more people having there own sticks there seems to be a growing market. I read on another thread that the mesh balls were originally a custom run, it’d be good if there were more colour/style options (sanwa i’m looking at you!).

Actually Akihabarashop started with the Black OBSF-30, then Sanwa started carrying it, so we were the ones that special ordered it first. Same with the meshball, Sanwa made the Green and Pink first and it sold out, then Akihabarashop were the ones who first special ordered the meshballs with all the different colors.
We will carry something special in the near future but it will be on a entirely different level, trust me ^_^.