Exclusive SA2 Oro

Is there any Oro players that exclusively use SA2? :wonder:

No. You could…I did it when I first started learning the super so I could get used to it. Why limit yourself whenever tengu is the better choice?

EDIT: don’t take my word for it btw, maybe there is someone that just uses sa2…I just think it would be stupid to.

It’s not really an issue of which is better, since Tengu is clearly better. I just wanted to know if there is a player that uses SA2 only for their playstyle.

Well Tengu isn’t always the better choice. Yagyou-Dama is the obvious choice when fighting Dudley for instance. I personally always use sa2 when fighting Dudley, Hugo, Alex, Necro and Twelve. For everyone else in the cast I usually stick with Tengu.

But whatever…again to your original question, anyone that uses sa2 exclusively is being gimmicky and weird. Saying sa2 is their “playstyle” is saying you don’t want to use oro to it’s full potential and rather make things harder for yourself.

Actually ComboFiend is known for using SA2 almost exclusively over Tengu Stone when he uses Oro. He likes the tricks and unblockable setups over run of the mill Tengu. Tengu is still better against the majority of the cast at high level though.

I find the yagyou dama unblockable setup works the best against shotos. The timing gets a bit weird with Dudley and other characters. Sometimes it takes too long for me to double jump over or I don’t land my crossover etc.

I prefer SA2 just because it kind of reminds me of a slow moving, circular, aegis reflector. Often times a roundhouse chicken jump takes me over the opponent quick enough to combo them from the other side (provided they are mid screen). Just my 2 cents.

sa2 is not that great. i only use it on characters that can be crossed up in the corner and of course dudley. i’ve seen people use it against ken but i’d rather use tengu in that matchup. it would be very unwise to use it against akuma since he can teleport out of your setups. but who knows, there could be something left to discover using that super…

I think SAII is best used to embarrass someone, outside of regular use on Dudley, Alex, etc.