Excuse my blashpemy, but Street Fighter IV SUCKS BALLS!


Boy, what a disappointment this turned out to be. Since I don’t have a console, I had to wait for months in eager anticipation for the long-awaited sequel to one of my favourite fighting series to be released on PC. Finally getting it up and running on this old laptop just filled me with a boyish delight I had not known since MVC2 was released. But after playing around with it for a few days and unlocking some of the hidden characters, I had to give in to that nagging feeling in the back of my head: Street Fighter IV is a lousy fighting game!

Okay, before I move onto the complaints, let me highlight what I do like about the game. Presentation-wise, SF4 is flawless. The theme song by Exile is notoriously catchy and the stage tracks are all very memorable. Likewise, Capcom did an excellent job squeezing mountains of dialogue into the game, and it’s a delight to hear all our favourite fighters speak english. Graphically, although there was a lot of controversy surrounding the style at first, I really enjoy watching the character animations and facial expressions prior to an Ultra combo. So in the audio-visual department at least, SF4 is a success.

Where it disappoints is the actual gameplay. To put it simply, it’s fifteen years old! This is Super Street Fighter II Turbo all over again. It was a great game for it’s time, but hasn’t the series evolved in the slightest after all these years? Capcom did pursue gameplay enhancements in its other fighting games, particularly regarding combos. I refer you to the superb system used in the VS. series. People say that’s it’s a totally different style from Street Fighter, but it’s not! It’s the evolution of what began with glitch combos in Street Fighter II. Capcom first included a genuine combo system in Night Warriors by cancelling a light punch or kick into a heavier one. This was later improved upon in Marvel Super Heroes with super cancels and super jumps, and eventually perfected in Tatsunoko VS. Capcom with variable moves, delayed hyper combos, baroque and more.

So while the VS. series has seen constant improvements to the gameplay, Street Fighter IV seems to have regressed to an infantile state. The combo system is shit. Punches and kicks don’t cancel into one another, so there’s little reason to open a combo with a light hit. You can’t hit someone on the ground, and hitting someone in the air can be a nightmare. Sometimes you can uppercut a falling opponent, sometimes you can’t. Somtimes a move will catch someone close to the ground, sometimes it won’t. There’s really no consistency in this game. Even the basics are messed up. The rhythm is ruined because your opponent is always floored after every Shoryuken or Somersault Kick. Dashing is useless because the characters only do a tiny hop and leave themselves open to attack. I always get confused what to do when both characters jump towards each other because there’s no air blocking and most fighters don’t have air throws. And besides, you wouldn’t get off more than one hit from the exchange anyway. Even when compared to the SFA and SF3 games, there’s a shocking lack of options. No parries, no ISMs, no Excel, fewer Ultras… In fact, moves is one thing that this game sorely lacks. Each character only has one Ultra combo! Well, okay, one and half if you consider the insignificant Super variation. And it’s alarming to see that after eighteen years, Guile still only has two moves! Two moves! TWO! What. The. Hell.

I have no idea where Capcom is going with this minimalist approach. People who would argue that it’s balanced might as well stick to Rock, Paper, Scissors. That’s a balanced game, but why the hell would you want to play that when you’ve got World of Warcraft at your disposal? Why can’t Capcom see that more moves and combos enhance the gameplay? I want multiple Ultras! I want Aerial Raves! I want tag battles! I want whatever possible move or trick Capcom can throw at us! I don’t want to see the Street Fighter series doomed to a prehistoric fighting system when there are so many better alternatives already available. There’s so much more that can be done with it!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play MVC2…


this is where i stopped reading, and you lost all credibility in my eyes.


oh boy


Cool story bro.


You pretty much managed to like the few things that I dislike about SF4.


In before the flames of hell engulf what is known today as Glitcher.

Also, the theme song sucks balls.


Yet for some reason it sticks in your head for the whole day after playing. Stupid and catchy, the worst combination.


this is either the greatest TROLL post or you are sincerely QQ’ing that it isn’t MVC3. either way i had a nice read.

i was going to make a comment about your join date, but then i saw it was '04 and not '09. you have disgraced your '04 family.


Sigh. True story. :shake:

At least something kinda funny came out of it. (If you haven’t seen it yet)


Glitcher, give the game alittle more time. I had these same feelings a couple of weeks after having got the game, but as I delved further into it, I realised how deep it actually is.

It’s a solid game, and SF4 Dash is bound to be even better. No point in dropping SF4 now when there are bound to be revisions that are even higher standard.

What you need to do is find a character you really like to play as, then just play. And play. And play. All the while just learning new things as you go along, untill you are owning face every step of the way. There’s no greater satisfaction.


Rofl, this has to be a joke, right? Someone who hates the gameplay of sfiv yet goes out of his way to point out that he likes the horrid jpop boyband themesong?


agreed, death to the boy bands.


First off thread sucks no more , no less…


Umm… are you suggesting that everyone had played WOW ?..

Not only do I hate WOW … but you worded it as if everyone should play WOW instead of RPS :sad: . I definitely would play Rock Paper Scissors over WOW if I was given the opportunity…

Oh and OP in case your wondering , most people aren’t going to read everything you wrote . For me all I had to see was what I quoted above , the title , and the peoples posted quotes from you . I expected better from an 04 user…


you like all the hideous shit i hate about this game. the few things i do like you hate. your not a sf player man, your a vs player so wtf you doing playing this?


Honestly the SF4 main theme song is hilariously great. I love to sing along with it.


Ever heard of normals?


You can’t flame me. It’s my 27th birthday today, so I’m safe from retort.


lol@complaining about moves not cancelling into each other. Sorry there are no Magneto infinite combos or 135 Hit ToD’s for you here


Your right, SFIV is "Super Street Fighter II Turbo all over again."
And thats why its so popular you dumb ass, all it needed was its graphics bought to this generation with a few tweaks here and there.

They need to do what they did with SFIV with more games from the late 80’s, early 90’s.



To be fair, he didn’t say whether or not it was any good.