Excuses to get out of jury duty . (interrupting Evo)

Hey names gilbert. I planned to go to Evo world this weekend with the homies but i have to attend jury duty on monday morning at 8 .So i would have to come back home by bus since i know none of them would want to drive me back friday/saturday night to get there on time. is there any excuses or ideas that any of you have used to get out?

tell them you’re racist.

Haha, I was in a situation similar to this last week. I was supposed to get to court by 1:30pm, long story short, I got lost and never even made it. I called the court and explained what happened, and they rescheduled it a month later.

im pretty sure you can defer up to 4 times to delay it.

Are you a high school/college student? If so just email them and tell them you can’t come because you’re a student. I just did that last week and got an email back within 10 minutes saying I was off the hook.

i have jury duty also on friday. im just going to call them and reschedule.

That works a bit. Won’t work for the next time, all depends on the city.

Just tell them any story. I had to reschedule jury duty because my kitchen flooded and had to wait for someone to come fix it. You can serve jury duty up to a year after you are summoned. And you can cancel up to 4 times like wizard said.

i didn’t go and they gave me a warning

Do what I did for Evo West 07. Check the box marked MILITARY DUTIES and send it in the mail and you’re set! :tup:

I, am really in the military, but you can say (if you get questioned) that a Marine told you to do it. :wink:

go with the truth you were out of town and weren’t able to make the summons

cool thanks for all them ideas people. Appreciate the help.