Execussion cr. mk instant burst kick



hi, i have been practicing with c. viper and i have a big problem with cr. mk. instant air burst kick, can you tell me how can i do this please.

sorry for my english is broken lol !


edit i misread your question


i do not understand you




I need help with the inputs on this myself


do cr medium kick then cancel hp thunder knuckle and feint. Let it finish and then either do down ,down back, back , upfoward and medium or hard kick

the second way to do it is down, down foward , foward, up foward , down ,down back, back + medium or hard kick

if you do it the second way do it as fast as you can because if you dont then you may not burn kick low enough.


mannnnn you dont realise how much easier using the qcf-up forward shortcut tip has made super jumping after walking forward for me, safejumps were near impossible before i read your comment


You have to wait a few frames before pressing kick, right? As you want to do it as soon as she enter her Super jump, correct? I’m having real difficulties to get it consistent, is it a timing thing you have to grind out or are there any visual ques that I’m missing?


To be honest its both but once you get the hang of it you wont need a visual anymore. If your super comfortable with it you wont have to look for visual ques anymore. How I do it is I do a very fast qcb then immediately I do up foward and once I know the super jump is out I press the kick button. If your ever struggling to do it start by doing just the motion part as fast as you can along with up foward part. Once you feel thats easy look for the smoke under her feet and press kick button. If you get a straight up super jump burn kick it means you are pressing kick way too early or you are not getting your up foward. The key to getting it lowest possible is to cancel on the first frame. What I did to practice it was adding in block strings first on a training dummy and once the string is over id immediately do sj burn kick. Make sure to practice doing it with crouch lk xx tk feints too everyone gets hit if someone feints then does that cross up lol.

Dont forget in matchups like viper vs zangief you may wanna practice doing it backwards so you can put space in between you two. Simply do qcb and up back instead of foward. Its as if your sliding into the motion literally.


Thanks a lot, that’s very helpful.


The biggest thing for me was letting the stick go neutral after the HP input. So it would like:

2MKxx214HP ~ (5) MP+LP, 2149 MK/HK.

This made things *much * easier.

EDIT: In regards to the SJC BKs in general, you can also perform them doing 632149. However, be careful not to hold forward [6] since that will give you an IABK. You generally want to do them as fast as you would do supers/DMs in GG/KoF