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We got the SFxT characters ported, but the most intriguing bit of news was the 5th character will be one that has never appeared in the street fighter franchise of games. The wording is interesting as it seems to point to Capcom using a non street fighter character that they have already created rather than a brand new creation just for sfiv 2014. Possibilities…

  1. Asura (Asura’s Wrath)-That game uses the sfiv engine, so they can take the Asura model add some animations and a full moveset and call it a day. This is the easiest and most likely I believe.

  2. A character from earlier more obscure Capcom fighters. Possabilites include characters from Rival Schools or Red Earth (Tessa would be real cool)

  3. Haggar (Already in MVC3…however we already have Zangief so this doesn’t excite me)

  4. Character from a non fighting Capcom game

  5. A brand new character created for this update

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Morrigan. With flight cancel fireballs and Astral Vision Super.


Asura would be one of the stupidest choices since he’s basically a God and wouldn’t mesh at all in the SF Universe (the Shoto DLC was like Fan-Fiction)

Haggar’s already in Mahvel, so that’s likely not to happen.

We already have Juri, Rufus, Viper, Fuerte and Abel, so it won’t be a new character.

Putting Characters from non-fighting games into fighting games is what Mahvel is for.

So I’m going with the Rival Schools option. Might not be popular, but Capcom has shocked us in a good way before.


Very likely that it’s Asura, considering how lazy the update’s concept is.

If it’s a completely new character, it might be a modified version of an already existing character, like Oni. Does Shadow count?

If from another game, please not Frank West. Hideo or Chairperson would do. -_-


While the news about adding new characters is definitely fascinating, I’m quite hyped about the mysterious character. Knowing Capcom, they can have all the resources in the world to pick some obscure character that nobody would ever think about being added into the SF universe. I’m just hoping it’s not another character that has “shouto” like abilities. That always ruins the character for me.


For real tho, add th karate clown.


For a 5-character update Capcom just copy/pasted 4 of them from SFxT. I see no reason that they would exert extra effort for the fifth. My guess is they’re fleshing out Asura from the SF4 DLC in his game.


Gill. A playable version of Gill that is not banned will be in!!!


DAMN i just saw the video. But who’s to say that Gill/Urien will not be secret characters in the next update…


I know who the fifth character is. Obviously the fifth character is Scorpion…


I’m hoping that it’s Dorai or some other kung-fu character. No more shotos unless the character plays a lot differently than Ryu. To me at least the kung-fu characters have been all pretty different when compared to each other.


With the way the other “new” content is cut and paste stuff from SFxT, I’m expecting it to be Asura.




I’m like the only one here who highly doubts it will be Asura. Capcom may be lazy but they wont transplant a character from another game universe into an official entry in an SF game unless they are planning to fold the two universes together.

I think it’s most likely going to be another Final Fight character. Given the fact that 3 out of 4 of the characters being ported over have their origins in Final Fight (Poison/Hugo/Rolento) it would make sense to bring Haggar over. However on the flip side, Haggar shares a number of moves with Zangief (specifically SPD/Lariat which are moves canonically Zangief learned from Haggar’s days in Saturday Night Slam Masters), plus Capcom is moving Hugo over who is a grappler already which somewhat weakens Haggar’s chances.

It would be cool if Haggar is in as it would be the first time since the original Fight Fight that all 3 of the original FF cast have appeared together in the same game (Cody/Haggar/Guy) (not counting spin-off/ports like Final Fight One or Mighty Final Fight which are still basically the original FF but with a twist)



Maki seems POSSIBLE. She was heavily requested on the forums and received 9.3% of the votes from Japan in the popularity contest (putting her at #20 out of like 60something). The statement that the character has “never been in an SF game before” really hurts her chances though. She has been in CvS2 (not an SF but heavily SF based) and more damning she was somewhat obscurely put into the SF Alpha 3 MAX PSP Port meaning she has technically been in an SF game but I’m not sure that they count that one somewhat unpopular port.

I’d actually like Maki, but if they do include her I hope that they further emphasize her differences from Guy and really make her shine as her own character even more.



Lucia seems like a nice surprise character if they don’t go with Maki. She has never been in an SF game but she has appeared in some endings and such. It’d be interesting to see how they expand on her move set but she has some interesting stuff that doesn’t resemble much of anyone elses in SF. (Including a kick that looks alot like Terry Bogard’s “Crack Shoot”)



If they wanted to troll they could bring in the official Street Fighter karate clown: Philippe, who was a boss in Final Fight 2.



Gou Hibiki (Dan’s Dad) is def a strong possibility. TBH not who I’d pick but I think he has a decent shot, though they’d have to pull the “I wasn’t dead, I was just resting.” card out again like they did with Gouken, since Sagat killed Gou.



Of course there is also the possibility that they could finally do what a lot of people thought already happened and fold the Rival Schools universe into the Street Fighter universe and bring over Batsu or Akira or someone else. Technically Sakura’s appearance in Rival Schools is non-canon for storyline reasons and is considered a guest character, but they could make RS part of the SF universe conceivably.



At least these are some of my guesses.


5th character will tie into SF5.

I called it you know.


after reading that also the new stages are ports from sfxt, i strongly believe the 5th char will be a recycled one from a recent game… asura coming first to my mind…

i am still happy about the new version though.


You’re all wrong. It’s gotta be someone from Slam Masters.


I called that a while ago as a possibility. Victor Ortega or Gunloc seem possible, though the question is: does Capcom own the rights to these characters or does Tesuo Hara


I’m not sure. But it hasn’t stopped them borrowing for Elfuerte and T-Hawk in the past. New Challengers and Slam Masters were released in '93. Just speculating.


Hoping for Asura.

It kinda pisses me off that just because CAPCOM has used Asura in a different game, they all of a sudden are “lazy” for bringing him to a new game. - I seriously don’t see the problem. If they have the model complete, how does that make them “lazy”? - “THEY SHOULD REDO THE SAME FUCKING MODEL, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF NOT BEING LAZY!” - The people who reason like this are STUPID.

If you have the resource, and it looks good and all, why redo it? - Also, if you guys never had heard of Asura before playing the game, he’d be a brand new character. - Now hear this… - He has never been in a fighting game before. We do not know how he will play. The automatic hate is repulsive, brainless, idiotic, and downright religious (irrational).

As for the other 4 characters, I admit liking the addition of Hugo and Rolento, but would enjoy Karin and Alex more instead of Poison and Elena.