Executing "Dragon" problems with joystick?


so I do the motion for a dragon + punch, a light jab flicks out before the dragon eventhough I only press punch once. this has been an on going problem on square gate sticks for some time now.

I experiment with the speed of the motion but however fast I do it the same problem still occurs. same thing happens with supers.




So, doing the right, down, down-right motion on the stick causes a jab to come out? is that what you’re saying?


Try doing the actual DP motion, verify in training mode with inputs shown. It should read :dp::p: make sure you’re not doing :r::d::p::df: or something because you will get a jab followed by DP because of negative edge (releasing the button)


when I do :r::qcf::p: it inputs a jab then a shoryuken, when i’m just trying to do a dpunch only.

sometimes i do it right, inconsistently. i mess up 2 outta 5 times.


Check out this post in the noobie dojo for execution related questions.


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I wanted to know if these problem could be microswitch related or sf version specific. Its only super turbo where these issue occur not 3s or sf4. I’m far from being a noob.

and I meant i mess up 2 out of 5 times.

I use a square gate and microswitches which are not leverd… my execution vastly improves with round gates but i’m trying to improve my square gate play at my arcade.


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You answered your own question.

If you want the technical explanation as to what’s going on:
You’re pressing the jab button a frame or three before you’re inputting the final joystick direction of your dragon punch command motion. The jab starts to come out and immediately gets kara-cancelled (and does not get to reach its active frames) into the light dragon punch as you press the final joystick direction and then lift your finger off of the jab button ([media=youtube]t8dD3K2_Pz4#t=3m12s"[/media]).


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I had this exact same problem with my hadoukens when I first started playing on a stick.

I think it’s because I was used to playing on a pad so I was hitting the punch too early and the negative edge is what was causing the hadouken to come out after the jab.

Once I learned to press the button later the problem subsided, haven’t had it since.


It was the same for me when i moved to a stick for the first time. Now its all clean playing


try this… do 10 dragon flawlessly on the right side without accidentally executing a fireball, then do the same thing on the left then tell me if you flawlessly executed those 20 dragons.


I heard if you do this and get at least 5 perfects and finish a round with ultra at least 10 times in SFIV arcade mode without continuing, you fight Nude Chun after Seth.