Executing Fundamental

Hey guys so I’m curious when you guys got into fighting games who was your character when trying to do your fundamentals

Whoever caught my interest…

Everyone has to play fundamentals. You can’t just press buttons and expect to win. Pick whoever you want to get good with.

Choose whoever captures your imagination.

You should know how to play in general such as hit, block or grab etc stuff like that. Which game are you mentioning? I’d recommend Dante, Deadpool, Wolverine, Sentinel for MvC3. Liu Kang, Kung Lou, Sektor, Cyrax, Cyber Subzero for MK9. Can’t really make up my mind for SF4, Cody, Akuma, Evil Ryu should be a good for beginners.

fundamentals like footsies, spacing, zoning, anti-airs? for SF4 ryu, definitely. he’s one of those “easy to pick up, takes a lifetime to learn” characters. he excels in those areas.

MvC3, just go nuts. a character with a variety of tools would be good, like Magneto or Storm.

I got into fighting games with SF2 and my character was Chun Li bacause she could rely on just normals and spacing, and her jumps were good to avoid projectiles. She sucked in CE so I dropped her completely, and by that time I was already playing shotos, Guile, Blanka and Honda. It was never a thing of “character to do fundamentals,” but simply a character that worked when facing other people.

lol Akuma and Evil Ryu for beginners? The characters with almost the wost health in the game?

Go for the main mid tier (not the best but not the worst) character like Ryu, games are usually balanced around those types characters first.

But like people have already mentioned pick the character that catches your eye, check out their moves list. Don’t give up on them if you don’t get them straight away, practice practice practice.

As much as I hate seeing a Ken or Ryu come up on my screen, those two characters will teach you the basic outline of what Street Fighter is about. They have fairly simple playstyles that are EASY to get into, but at the same time they allow for large growth and for the most part are still fairly decent in competitions.


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Either trolling, or just needs to stop giving advice.

Lol Evil Ryu is NOT FOR BEGINNERS, give a beginner Evil Ryu and he will whine how he dies so fast

Well it’s a tradeoff. On the other hand, nothing teaches you to how to block than getting instagibbed in 2 combos xD I started with Gouki in SF3, and I gotta say he is a great beginner character, imo. I did fine against people my level. And he’d also be playing new people to the game at his level :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not like he’d actually be getting destroyed by long extended combos over and over and over…

Sorry guys but to be specific SSFIV

Gouki’s basically the same in SSF4 as he is in SF3, he’s an offensive powerhouse with a fairly bad defense…hence why I used the example.

What your saying doesn’t make sense. Fundamentals is like chicken and the character is like the sauce. Either way your still eating chicken but you simply chose which sauce you want.

Basically put you have all the game play in your head on how to play and how to win and at most you just need to memorize new moves or combos with a new character but you still generally play the same way.

As for me I always preferred a character with a lot of fury and game play that has a lot of defense tools.