Execution changes from side to side (USF4)


I’m having trouble canceling into supers (qcf, do etc…) on the right side but on the left I can do it effortlessly. I’m trying to do s.HK xx Dudley’s MGB on a pad. I can do it perfect on one side but it doesn’t come out on the other when I do the QCF motion. Does anyone have advice on or have had similar issues? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


yeah just stay in practice mode a few hours a day till you bang them out. Got to get your finger or hand muscles used to doing them both sides. Put the input display up and watch to see if when you reverse you aren’t laying something down in the wrong order.

I have a broken ring finger that fused crooked so its more tough than any other finger but yeah I might have experienced this but I’ve been playing for quite awhile forgot by now.

If you’re on a stick you might have to pay attention to your grip and make sure you alter your fingers properly for reversing the actions at the same speed.