Execution from 2p side slightly lacking

Ive recently changed my way of tackling to starting at db and circling to forward to make canceling to aegis easier.For unknown reasons im having trouble pulling it off from the 2p side of the screen.This seems strange since thats actually my normal screen position,but the motion seems awkward to me.Anyone else run into this problem when changing their tackle methods?

I do that same thing instead of standard bf motions, either use that method or take longer and take a dumb chance at a slightly later cancel. You just need to practice it more, its equally easy on both sides.

I advise you to take no shortcuts. When practicing your midscreens, don’t take the easy way out when you tackle>aegis because when you get to the corner, (atleast for me) it is much more difficult to do 2 tackles>aegis with the “fireball motion” method because the timing is strange.

Just practicing sequential method and not taking shortcuts should let you be more effective everywhere.

Its a lot easier and more efficient to get a chariot to aegis cancel with the shortcut motion. I also use a botched up 360 motion (not a full 360, just to give and idea of the motion involved) when I complete charge breaks, for some bullshit reason I find it easier then the down to up in a mid dash, also I can freestyle pretty well with my method. I’ve put a lot of work in splicing up charges. I actually prefer the shortcut motion when setting up the mid screen unblockable, its just much easier, you don’t have to cancel your aegis so quick, cause the qcf motion already counts as part of it. I hold dwn+back and then I dash in and roll from dwn+forward to up+forward. I use the down up method when I partition like a jRH sWP sMP ex headbutt. I can use both this.

This style of play seems very person specific. I actually mix both styles of charges.

For multiple chariots on a cornered opponent, no real need to shortcut that.

Using both is the best method. I always use the QCF motion when cancelling otherwise I just use db -> f or b -> f, just make sure to use the circle motion when necessary, otherwise it’s much harder to do combos, because it means you have to do half circles to buffer which is HARD.

Your 360 method is interesting, I’m gonna try it out since I can’t do 100% partitioned headbutts still

Henaki, I recorded some mpg clips of this method, if you wanna see them, hit my aim up. One is a walking ex headbutt, the other is just basic freestyle with charge breaking.

In the Shoto standard unblockable:

I find it almost impossible to time the “fireball cancel” or “circle” motion for the second mk tackle. I definitely think the shortcut is a better way to do the ex tackle unblockables and the midscreen, but I really can’t do the 2mk tackle one like that (I can’t do it well at all anyway, actually) so that’s why I suggested to just try and do it all sequential method… that’s what I’m forcing myself to do to learn that cancel.

I usually hit a big roadblock in 3s because of some really stupid thing that should be easy to execute like this. If anybody has tips on this besides “practice the combo more” on the 2nd tackle, that would be cool.

I don’t know why that is either, but I completely agree. I think that the double MK chariot is one of those things that is best not modified, because the timing is so bizarre to begin with, it would be counter productive in the long run.

That BNB is one of the hardest in third to execute, I have a ton of issues with the double chariot tackle. I can beast all over with juggles, but doing that damn thing off a cornered cFP is really tough. I was putting some serious practice into it to today.

2 tackles in the corner of a cr. fp isnt so bad. against shotos its easy, against yun/yang, thats when it gets tough. id say im about 7 times out of 10 i get it vs shotos… i know that from personal experience its way easier to pull it off on arcade vs console.

i hate to say it, but just keep practicing. one day the timing will just click for you, it did for me.

im also retarded on 2p side. i just figured its cause im left handed or something, i struggle just to cancel into aegis from a tackle on that side.

i already learned it its actually pretty damn useful

I finally got it down,now its just as easy from either side.You guys were right not much else to do but practice it alot.As for complicating corner tackles,I never used the circle motion to tackle for that until the last tackle i intended to aegis cancel.Now once i get the headbut partition down to about 9 out of 10 for the midscreen unblockable ill be set(Im about 7 for 10 atm).

                 Thanks again for the tips to everyone

I actually just practiced my ass off on the corner unblockable and now it comes out. I think it would be much easier for me on a Happ, but since TGA uses sanwas, I need to learn it that way.

Basically what I do is use my wrist to give it a harder snap on the buffer (where with a happ, the spring adds a lot of snap, making charge moves come out easier… in my experience) and then after the second tackle I have plenty of time to Aegis.

Against Yun and Yang I’m basically thinking “forget it” on the 2x MK tackle unblockable for right now… I can always time it so that I can use one tackle and then jump, dash partition anyway. After they get guard broken I can go for other shit, hopefully a combo that includes and EX tackle.

Also: Is there a list of how many regular tackles are possible/probable after a fireball and in the corner? I was fucking around with it on Ken and I could easily do mp fireball, hk tackle, then 3 mk tackles (I think) if I had great timing.