Execution gurus: What's the proper way to do a dragon punch?

I’ll be honest: I’ve never been great at doing dragon punches. I sure as hell don’t do them properly (in fact I do them differently on each side), and probably couldn’t rattle off 10 straight if I tried. It’s a miracle I can psimitar xx AHVB half the time.

So what’s the proper way to do it? I’ve heard multiple methods: forward to neutral to down to down forward; forward to neutral, then fireball; forward to down to foreward; etc. However, all of those methods seem to give me problems. #1 just doesn’t seem to come out consistently (half the time I just end up doing crouching jab or fierce), #2 gives me fireballs far too often, and #3 is sluggish and difficult to do when on the right side.

So again, I ask, what’s the proper way to do it? And please only respond if you can pull off 25 DPs without a problem.

forward,fireball all in one fluid motion

Forward, down, down-forward… Like a zig zag…

Are you going to neutral before going down?

caliagent: Isn’t there the danger of doing a fireball?

That’s the correct input :dp: . After taping forward, don’t wait to much or you’ll just end in c.punch.

Just like #1, don’t wait to much after walking forward.
Maybe, you are too worried about that neutral, just walk a little bit, and try Hadouken motion, but don’t worry too much about neutral. Once you can perform several srk in a row, try walking shorter every time.
With practice, you’ll be able to srk every time just as description #1.

Oh, on a side note, after walking a bit, make sure no to go to :db: when doing the Hadouken part, as this can mess up your srk. (Although, is a good way to avoid an accidental srk if you are walking and want a fireball )

I’dont recommend you try this way :stuck_out_tongue:

i think that pretty much sums it up

Seriously, doing it on the right hand side is a bitch…


I do it like:

:r: :df: :d: :df:

Just rub the bottom right/left side with the stick and push the button. >_>

try double qcf+lp/hp, that works for some reason

just do forward, down, down-forward + Attack.

Don’t go to neutral, if u wanna do Psimatar xx AHVB, then do the dp, then go neutral before doing the AHVB.

When you practice, make sure you atleast get the motion out right, but then speed it up when you think you got it down, so that way you won’t mess up in a match.

If you really suck, in SF2 you can do two fireballs and you’ll get a dragon punch everytime, works nice on shitty controls.

<-------------I was told to walk forward and then quickly do a fireball.

it’s easier than you think, especially on reaction

you’d don’t have to go neutral, just move forward and if you see/expect something, d, df + whatever

easy peasy

actually, i do the dragon punch differently on both sides because it’s more difficult on the right side…

if i’m on the left, i do it with :r::df::d::df::r: in a sliding motion

but when i’m on the right, i do it with :r: neutral :qcf:

and i can do 25 DPs easy on both sides…

my suggestion is just practice on what’s already working for you…

I have problems doing crouching DP. The most consistent way I can get them off is to hide the motion inside a crouching move like c.lp or c.mp. I will get either a super or a crouching move.

any way you want as long as it works.

I’ve never seen a DP from a crouch before. As in, raw crouching(no crouch block, no forward then crouch, no forward into crouching attack xx dp) for a good 2-3 seconds. Are there any vid examples of this in action?

This is how I first learned many moons ago. It’s a good method to use untill you are comfortable doing it in one motion.

It’s easier or harder to pull depending on the game actually. Third Strike you don’t have to be as precise as you would in like ST.

I have immense trouble doing dp’s to the left side.