Execution gurus: What's the proper way to do a dragon punch?

on a neutral stick: Z

Wait, How long have you been playing fighting games. I’ll benchmark 2002 since thats your join date.

You haven’t learned to dp in 5 years?

Do it the right way :dp: :p:

Accept no substitutes. And yes I can psychic dp I’m that cool.

is this thread really serious, or…?

On a pad or an arcade stick, I do it the same way; the EXACT motion. Towards, down, down-towards + button. No fireball motion in the DP. For me, at least, adding the fireball motion fucks me up.

Don’t tell him the wrong way to do it. If you do a super motion, you’ll never be able to do it when you have a full bar. Just learn it the correct way ( :dp: )

These are the ones I like to go for, find they work much better against better jumpers like Vega, Mai + Blanka. Id just check your execution in training with the button inputs turned on.

This reminds me I need to practice up anti air raging demons from crouch position. Something I always want to use but always mess up in-game. :lol:

doing dragon punch alone is easy .
how bout’ chaining a dragon punch right after a crouching jab/short ??

That’s fairly easy as well. I usually hold down/forward and on the last frame of the short, I hit the motion really fast.

I know this isn’t the proper way to do a Dragon Punch but doing a Super Fireball (when you have no meter) works too.

Yah, just gotta buffer the motion while doing the crouching jab/short. I find it helps to sometimes drum the jab/short buttons.

well i fear that it will end up cancelling it into super :frowning:

did carney really just make this thread? omfg. no disrespect but didn’t carney just qualify for evo? brad man, i’m bowing my head and taking a moment of silence. jp man.lol.

Here’s the way to do it, practice, and keep practicing till you can do it reliably on both sides. And I don’t mean try it for 5 minutes and then say FUCK THIS IS HARD! Do 50 dp’s in a row, and if you fuck up one, start all over till you can rattle off 50.

There might be an issue with the way you’re holding your hand, just look at it while you do the motion and make sure you’re hitting the proper angles. make sure your wrist is straight and not bent when holding the joystick.

The fireball won’t come out because of negative edge on the towards motion. It’s the easiest way to do them consitently, and that’s how i learned to do them way back when.

I’ll see if I cant make one tonight. If you play online it is a must to be able to DP from Crouch. A lot of people cant do it. I think Im at about 60/40 which is garbage.

I hide my inputs most of the time with a move. Almost everytime I crouch and do a move out of sweep range against jump happy people. So basicly Ill do the wind up ( :dp: ) and if they jumpin Ill complete it. If not then I just leave it at that, the character wont move and if they fireball or something you can still break the motion and block.

Its the same timing for when you RC DP moveset.

Hit forward, and immediately do a fireball motion. Hit punch a little early. There’s your dragon punch.

I’ve tried this myself personally; if you’re quick, it works.

That’s how i do my DPs on both stick and pad. Especially stick.

Tap f, qcf+button. Capcom games are usually smart enough to recognize that you want a DP to come out and not a fireball.

I hate the zig zag method. It doesn’t work for me.

Tap f, qcf+button is the truth. Remember it!

Is a DP even possible from a crouch? It’d have to accept df as a shortcut, but I don’t think it does? (At least not in CvS2)

this is the best way to PRACTICE