Execution help :(


Hi all,
I really want to main Chun Li, I love her buttons but I cant execute her most basic tools.
I can do instant air dive kick with Cammy (96321MK) and instant air fireball with Akuma (12369MP) but Chun Li’s inputs for instant air legs seem to be different.
Also I tried to do 2LP > MP > 2MK x M SBK for hours and I couldnt execute it even once.
Please help I am completely lost with this character.



IALL is tricky, since the height restriction seems different for LK and MK. I usually use the 2369 method (or even 2368 when i feel lucky), but it’s hard to explain the timing. Basically, don’t do the motion too fast, wait for the jump to start, and press mk (it’s harder for lk version, as chun must be higher > more strict timing).
As mentioned in previous topics, for cr.lp > s.mp > cr.mk > mk SBK, just train your timings in VT. Immediately after st.mp, hold down, and just after the 2nd hit of cr.mk in VT you should press up + mk. If the link is still hard, just use lk SBK instead, it has faster startup so the link is less strict. You can work on mk sbk after landing the link with lk version, I guess.



Another Chun beginner here, you had trouble with the BnB c.LP > s.MP > c.MK xx M.SBK. I did have an issue with it a week ago, but seem to have gotten far better with it.

What helped me was using the Training mode, and switching on the Key Display. First make sure you only do the necessary inputs, Chun Li is somewhat tricky in the sense that you cannot mash the kick buttons. You can’t do it at all or you’ll go to Lightning Legs which can definitely ruin your game if activated unintentionally. (Anybody else think L.Legs should be named No Shadow Kick as per Chinese kung fu terms?)

What I did first was intentionally losing the link after c.MK to just first launch the SBK and worry about linking it later. Once I got it to launch reliably, then I started to work on the execution, and it turned out that it is important that once you start the BnB pressing c.LP and continue to s.MP, at the moment the s.MP starts, you should be pulling down on the stick to start the charging.

The next important thing is to push up and MK at the same time, the key display is very useful here. I tend to lose the link because I’m too fast on the kick button, and if that happens, you don’t see the up-arrow + kick in the key display at the same row. I think the key display showing

up arrow + MK
up arrow
down arrow + MK

input is also OK provided you didn’t wait too long pushing up.

Courtesy of this forum, a handy way of getting an idea of the cancel timing is to go into V-trigger, do the combo and looking at the animation of m.CK, cancel around the time of the second hit.

After like 5-7 hours of practise, I’m starting to get the combo like 60 % of the time and it doesn’t actually feel that hard any more, so it’s not hopeless. I can now actually expect it to work on Easy Survival (using Double Downs for additional pressure of course). After testing other BnB combo possibilities, I tend to agree the SBK ending is way better than Legs. That knock down is very useful!


For her IALL, and her SBK combo execution, I found that these videos help.





Of course, drilling them time and time again in training mode helps. But maybe these will hep you get started.


I had some luck doing IIAL by 123693MK which seems really silly cuz that extra 3 is completely random and the charge you gain doesnt seem useful cuz idealy you would confirm into SBK combo. Im really not liking the design of Chuns mechanics. They kind of kill the fun.


Doing 123693 helped in the first season because right after, I would go for a cr. lp, followed by the st. mp > cr. mk > M SBK OR go a throw. THey nerfed it too much to where it’s not as good as a pressure tool


So I can finally execute 2LP > MP > 2MK xx L.SBK and now that I understand how to do it I dont really want to play Chun Li anymore. It just doesnt feel worth it. Maybe if the L.SBK version was a couple frames more lenient I would be willing but this character just feels like a nightmare.
p.s. never played sf4, i hear its filled with 1 frame links barfs


It’s a nightmare indeed. Even more for people who didn’t play season 1 chun, I guess. Now she still requires some execution (even more with no spammable 3f), but everything feels less rewarding.
When I use VT cancel to extended my combo, the dmg scaling is so ridiculous, I feel always like activating a dmg nerf when I cancel LL with it lol I know in the end I will do more dmg, but all the things I have to do to add a poor 150 dmg feels just unfair.

I use IALL less often, so my execution consistency with it logically dropped. I have to train each time before playing online to be sure to land it the few times i need it.


Here’s how I do it:

cr LP > double-tap st MP > immediately hold down/back > cr MK (still holding d/b) > 12369 (Tiger Knee to up/forward)

If I do this properly, it’s 100% reliable. And to vouch for my method, this is also how I taught gllty to do it. :slight_smile:


Any tips on instant over head, having trouble doing it.


For Instant air legs I use the trick Riki Ortiz talked about in one of the episodes of excellent adventures: 236963K the time you get to circle back to 3 is the correct buffer and it comes out 100% of the times, is super easy and takes about 2 minutes to learn


just head stomp


For headstomp, just jump or jump forward and immediately hut down on the stick or pad to execute the stomp. I’m a pad player, so I find doing this especially difficult, doing only with my thumb than using my wrist. But it’s all practice. I have an easier time doing it against some characters over other.s


Love your Chun-Li got a chance to play against it made a main out of me :slight_smile: