Execution - I need to grow

Hello everyone,

im relatively new to the forum, just reading once in a while.
Im not really a forum type to begin with :slight_smile:

anyway, as this is a good place to communicate with other players with the same problems or answers to difficulties.

enough small talk now, to jump to the point, my execution is horrible.
Because of my lacking execution skills I only played characters like M.Bison (dic) or recently Gouken. But I enjoy them so there is no problem. But ever since AE was released on consoles I wanted to play Yun because he looks like fun and all.Im also interested in characters like Juri… or even Ibuki, but I should aim lower… :smiley:

however, i wanted to improve my execution and i thought the challange mode with all these trials would be perfect for that. Now im stuck on ~97% clear with only a few missing onces (like sagats last two, ryus last, fuertes last, zangiefs last… etc) and I dont have the feeling to have improved at all.

for example, my standard bison combo was 2x cr. lp, cr.lk, scissors, not very damaging but easy to combo. Once I tried to do the cr. lp, st. lp, cr. mk, heavy scissors and it worked fine in training mode but as soon as i got into rankings or endless battles i dropped the combos a lot and always had to eat srks or even counterhit combos (really depressing) and I quit taking risks and used my old combos out of habbit.

Now Gouken, well… you cant say much about Goukens combo potential, there is some, yeah, especially in the corner, and these are no problems at all, because these are juggle combos.
I can do almost every combo with him, ex palm into dash hurricane kick or reset demon flip is no problem. But once i get to characters like Yun which want me to combo (for example) cr. mp, cr. mp, st. mp into up kicks i just mess up way too much.

Is there anyway to improve my execution and timing for combos? I tried it with just staying in training and do nothing but one combo but somehow i still mess up…

More Yun specific then execution but i also have trouble with his dive kick … the hitstun seems very different everytime so I never get to know if i can start my combo or not… I would like a Yun without a divekick tbh Oo but that’s just me being “unknowing” ^^ (i dont know if that’s proper english…)

So, end of the story, i really hope you guys can give me some tips on how to improve.

PS: my brother got the same problem, thats why he only plays charge characters, his execution just is to bad to get a motion character done…

PPS: we’ve got an arcade stick since… well, a long time and i wont ever switch back to pad, this is clear!

thanks for everyone who’s helping :slight_smile:

The only thing to really suggest is to work your way up in Practice, look at your basic BnB combo you have. and try to do something just a little bit more complicated. Practice Practice Practice. People online drop combos all the time because of lag and such so don’t look to much into that.

maybe try to play some other games and practice those games combos. Ex: UMVC3, MK9, BlazBlue, SFxT, Etc.
Combos are combos so every bit helps. Well thats how it helped me. Hope this helps you.

If ur having a lot of trouble with Up Kicks im pretty sure u can replace Up Kicks with Lunge Punch for most of his combos. Also are u doing the Shoryuken shortcut motion cause that can make it a lot easier

Link combos can be hard but like Scar said it just takes practice eventually u will get the timing down.

Aim Yun’s dive-kick for your opponent’s knees. If you hit higher than that your opponent will have frame advantage.

Break your posts up and hit the character specific boards.