Execution Issue: Pitfalls of Negative Edge


I believe this belongs in this section…and rightfully so…

 As I fired up my SF4 and hit up training mode for some execution practice I began to ponder some commoplace errors that I've fallen victim to in this game and in fighters in general. My question revolves a specific streetfighter question. (as the title suggests).

Im actively trying to better my execution and find myself running into a bit of a problem w/ Negative edge. Im aware that the button press activates twice in streetfighter, once upon press and another upon release. I also know that it can be a great asset when times call, for endeavors such as hit confirming supers or buffering any ol’ special. but it’s causing me distress in that, when im trying to do certain moves, and an unwanted one activates.

For example when I play Akuma, and attempt his extremely basic BnB, P – > Tatsu --> shoryu, my consistency is not quite where id like because I get the red fireball due to buffering of the tatsu and releasing the P…(I understand a possible problem could be that i’m using excessive motion and hitting hcb and instead of qcb like i ought to) but this bad example isn’t the only time i’ve encounter this issue…

I’m trying to figure out if this problem is unique to me, and the subconscious things I may be doing like holding onto buttons for too long perhaps?

Any input is appreciated


For that particular combo you can try starting from crouching instead of standing. That would eliminate the forward direction needed to get the red fireball and probably ensure that you get the tatsu. If you want to start the combo from standing, just make sure the stick is in a neutral position when you hit your fierce button.



I’ve tried w/ both cr. and s. and still the same, its just not as consistent as I’d like…but I think that has more to do w/ my sometimes excessive motion. With another character the same happens, just attempting other combos, etc.

I’ve put on input display and narrowed it down to knowing its negative edge throwing me off.

Again I apologize for the bad example, I’ll hit it later then try to think one off the top of my head.

edit: also I run the risk of whiffing entirely if I was to opt for cr. HP every time.


Instead of holding down the punch button, just tap it, then tatsu, then srk. I dont think negative edge has ever given me a problem like that. Only time negative edge works for me, is when I try to make it happen, and i assume that’s because I never hold down the buttons, I always just tap.


Try to tap HP as quickly as possible, and get used to tapping buttons in general to avoid this issue a lot of the time. If you’re finding that tapping just isn’t working for you, then try going the other way with it, and hold HP until the Tatsu actually comes out. Requires a bit more stretching of the fingers, but it’ll guarantee no Negative Edge shenanigans.


I think that has to be it then. I’m guilty of holding buttons when i’m not even aware of it. I feel so inaccurate when I’m tapping, but it seems like I have go that route. I guess I kind of used my joystick as a piano making use of as many fingers as possible in an efficient manner. ( i do play piano as well…so yeah maybe)

It could also be that im resting my fingers on the buttons and sanwas are just too sensitive, thus the inconsistency.


It’s why I use Seimitsu buttons. :slight_smile: I like to rest and tap. The only buttons I feather are my girl’s.


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You should stop wearing her clothes, that is sick.

OP Execution becomes easier once you look at it as separate moves and not a string of commands. Do it real slow, then get faster and faster, instead of learning each motion and memorizing the inputs without associating them with the special.

P>Hurricane>Shoryuken is easier to remember than P>qcb K> srk P. I can’t explain it perfectly but I hope you get what I mean.


Hmm, funny thing is that I do think about it that way, and not in motions…

Thanks everyone for your input


I do the exact same thing for the exact same reason. In fact, my solution for not getting hosed by negative edge was to hold the button for whatever was causing the negative edge move to come out because that’s what felt most natural to me. The problem is that you’re releasing the punch button too early instead of during the tatsu. The stick motion could probably be cleaned up, but it’s never going to really matter if you don’t release it until the special move you want to come out… comes out.


Yea definitely just tap the LP. I personally do the crouch LP as it trains my brain a little better for Akuma’s option select/throw tech situations.

I find that when I’m having trouble with a specific part of a combo, I isolate it and get the execution down for just that specific part before trying to string the full combo.


Yes, I’ve had substantial improvement by doing this. I’ve also tried out the tapping method which most everyone uses. Both ways have given me way more accuracy.

Now I’m wondering about which to stick with, I wouldn’t to take up an inferior method that would provide a solution in one scenario but create 10 others. Tapping just may be the safest bet.

Either way it does boil down to what works for you, I suppose.

Yeah I do this as well, it’s consistency that I really prioritize. I can do the combo NO problem…and capable of more complex variations as well, but when im only executing what I want to happen 70% of the time, it becomes frustrating. that nice 30% figure, kicks in at the worst times too and I’ll eat a reversal. I would love to be able to do combos, link, etc and have no doubt in my mind that it will come out as planned. It’s a great feeling. One could be the most basic player, but even the most basic player that is consistent can destroy your veteran that knows all the most damaging combos but can only hit them half the time. (other factors excluded)