Execution on sticks (mainly regarding 3s)


Firstly, I’ve been seeing some of the MOV casuals from sunroute and noticed that it seems like his hand is above the base the arcade cabinet/stick especially when he’s doing 2 qcfs. Is this true? I tried this and while the motions seemed alot freer, my arm gets tired from suspending my hand in mid-air.
Is this just something that I would get use to?

Also in 3s, i was wondering the best way to input dp straight into super.
eg. akuma and ken.
ive been doing :r::d::df::lp::r::qcf::p: or :k: depending on whether it’s akuma or ken.
but I think it would be something much simpler like :qcf::d::df::lp::r::p: or :k:
should i be practising the latter (its just cos i mainly use akuma and when i try the latter, only a super ever seems to come out but its prob my bad execution)

thx in advance


You want to use the former, though in reality, it’s more like :r::qcf::lp::qcf::lp:. The reason behind all of this is because of move priority. If you try to go :r::qcf:, you’ll end up with a dragon punch instead of a fireball. This is dictated by a priority list which is programmed within the game itself to make certain moves (like a dragon punch in this case) more lenient instead of doing fireballs by accident. In the latter case, you’ll end up doing super most often than not.

In other words: don’t try to stress out your hands by trying to complicate the motion when you don’t have to.


DP then a fireball motion always works for me.


Hold the stick in the way that works for you. Forget how MOV holds the stick.


thx for the quick replies