Execution Precision Questions

How important is it to be able to execute like the notation on the right (specifically for KOF)? I can consistently get a fireball to appear, but my input display varies between the two (and it’s mostly the first).

:f: – vs – :f::p:
:df: --------- :df:
:d: --------- :d:

And if the right one is the correct one, how do I get consistent with it? I feel like if I slow down my inputs I get the left display more often.

if you get the input on the left, that means you let the stick go back to neutral before hitting punch. That shouldn’t hurt, but if you hit the punch button too late, the directional inputs might not be in the buffer anymore and therefore fail to register.

Letting the stick return to neutral is a good skill to have though. One of my bad habits is that I tend to hold directions and it makes my execution less precise… So getting in the habit of finishing with the stick at neutral will probably help in the long run.

Thanks man! I was going nuts trying to come up with different hand positions to try to get the input on the right to come out.