Execution problem.... on P2 side



I’ve been playing on stick since 2011 and my execution if fairly decent, but over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed some very weird. When in training mode, I can’t execution certain inputs the same way on both sides. Now before you stop reading and just right this off as being natural, it’s a different kind of problem. On player 1 side, simple motions like shoryuken or instant air dashes come out naturally, but on player 2 it isn’t the same. My joints? muscles? (idk what’s happening) just “lock” up and refuse to do the motion. It is a weird experience and I have to force my hand to do it (on P2 side), sometimes I just don’t even do it at all and have to stop trying for a few seconds and then try again. Oddly enough, in a match, I don’t quite have this problem, my moves come out while playing a match, but not while practicing. Again it happens mostly while in training mode, on player 2 side. I have never had this problem until recently and I don’t play excessively, I just got back into fighting games since I have more time to player during the summer.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Sharing your thoughts and/or solutions would be greatly appreciated.



I actually play better on the p2 side haha. What I often find when this happens, is I’ve been playing for a while and my grip has migrated into a lazier grip. Either resting too much of my hand/wrist on the panel, or my hand covering too much of the ball top.
Might be worth experimenting with your grip style to see what feels more natural (not necessarily most comfortable, there’s a difference) , and then, after each game make a point of letting go of the stick and re-seating your hands on the stick into this ‘natural’ placement. You want it to become a habit that you reset your hands into one, neutral postion.
If you ever choose to learn the piano (the instrument, not button technique) the same applies haha.


Interesting. Many of the motions towards the right, I find harder (e.g. SRKs on the P1 side or Tatsu on the P2 side.)
I think it’s common.

Since it doesn’ thappen in matches though, I think perhaps, you’re overanalyzing the inputs. Stop thinking of the combo like - :df:+:mk:, xx :d::df:+:hp: for the combo… and just think about MK and SRK. You know how to do the SRK… no reason to think about it in precise inputs. (That’s just an example, not something specific)


Thank you both for the replies. The two of you make interesting points.

@manbehindthewires I actually find myself switching between two grips when the other becomes uncomfortable when doing certain things, I’m really trying to stick to one though. I’ve gone back and forth with these two grips for a while now. I’ll play closer attention to what grip I’m using when such problems occur.

@SirMixahLot You know, you might be right about the thinking too much part. I might actually be just that, but it’s strange that I am now when I didn’t before.

On another note, I was grinding in training mode for a few hours last night, I changed my grip again and kept doing the motions over and over. Things started the feel more natural the more I did them, maybe playing less played a role in the whole thing. My muscles probably had to once again become accustomed to the motions.


The more I practice, the lazier my fingers want to be. So I’ll make mistakes from trying a combo over and over that I won’t in a match. If you can break through this in training mode, it should help your execution in game too.


I was better at the P2 side when I started because I always played against a friend until I had my own console. Just play more on both sides. You’ll get it down eventually.


go into training mode, and practice on that side only, thats what ive been doing, i really struggle with combos on that side, im just practicing it over and over


same with me. I find that during a match I perform better in P2 side than during training. because I simply erase the nervous thought that I dont fare well in training mode. I play crosshanded though.