Execution problem with akuma please help!

i cant do the cr jabs/cr.lk into LK.tatsu … i mean i’m not a beginner,4months into SF4 with my main as seth and trying to pick up akuma.

is there something wrong with the way i do it?

its just i put my stick in down motion then i cr.lp then i turn to <— and press light kick .

it doesn’t work,it becomes st.lk -___-’’

You’re chaining the lps/lks. Link them, don’t chain them.


yup. gotta link the attacks. Also, to save you the sure frustration that i went through. you can’t tatsu (or do anything) after any 2 consecutive crouching light kicks.

I don’t care if you link them, chain them, spam the crap out of it or pray to the SF gods it doesnt work and I don’t know why.

Sry to spoil it for you but you can link c.lp after 2 c.lk :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true, but it’s a 1f link with ass timing (it’s easy to still rapid-fire) and unplinkable…

When I go for that (like, when I think they might be mashing when I’m close), I just keep chaining and then go into cr.MK or cr.MP.


This helped me to get the lk xx lk.tatsu combo (as well some combo’s on other characters) coming out a lot easier:

Go to training mode, crouch next to the dummy. Hold down (not d/b or d/f to start) and tap cr.lk. As you tap cr.lk spin the stick quarter circle back and tap again. It shouldn’t take you more than three goes to find the timing.

You should be able to do this without tapping lk a second time (negative edge I presume?) - this is how you can tell if you’re doing it right. Just tap and move the stick and you should see the lk xx lk.tatsu comb come out.

Getting timing for moves preceding this is about learning the timing and being able to apply the moves together - in other words grinding out your execution in training mode. Thinking up different scenario’s will (eg empty jump into cr.lp, cr.lk xx lk.tatsu, demon flip/palm cancel into the same, jumping HK and demon flip kick into cr.lk xx lk.tatsu) quickly show you how proficient you are in getting the links right in different situations.



just go for cLK cLP cMP tatsu, saves stress and does damagge

except lk tatsu after such combo randomly misses on some characters if you’re not REALLY close to them and you end up losing half life.
I usually only do that combo on characters where i’m sure it’ll NEVER miss, but vs shotos and other small characters you HAVE to learn the link from c.lp/c.lk

Signed, and it’s a tougher link than cr.LP - that helps when you start adding combos to your gameplay.

There’s character where cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.LP whiffs depending on the spacing though, like against Rog.


Month old… Oh well. I meant a special move jerk lol. I should’ve said that.

ermm c.lk shoryuken? :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this:

cr. lk, cr. jab, cr. jab. As soon as the last jab comes out, link it into lk tatsu. The timing is a bit different, you have to link it faster. Once I got the timing down I can get it 100% down now.