Execution problems...

Hey guys. So whenever i start of a combo with cr.mk, whether i get mk axe kick or hp fireball seems quite random. Im not sure if im somehow negative edging the mk to get axe kick after but it’s getting pretty frustrating, especially when you think you’re about to confirm a hit cr mk into big damage and end up wasting two bars on a blocked axe kick :frowning:

Any suggestions? I play on pad if that’s relevant. Thx xxx

Yes, you’re most likely negative edging that axe kick. Happens to me all the time, too.

Ahh okay thanks. I’ll try being lighter on the mk see if that helps :slight_smile:

That and also try not to do the half circle which brings out the axe kick too and concentrate on doing more of a quarter circle hado motion going from straight down. Then it shouldnt come out either way

Thanks! I figured out a different way to get it to be consistent but i’ll get your way down as well :slight_smile: I just negative edge the crouching medium kick on purpose and then release it after i’ve finished the fireball (when it’s harmless). It’s a little weird at first but it works

If it works for you then thats all that matters :slight_smile: sometimes its hard not to get the quarter circle without the half circle, two of my friends though it was quarter circle for an axe kick for a long time before i finally had to proove them wrong lol

Doing down-back, down, down-forward, forward motion also brings out the axe kick due to SF4’s shortcut system. I actually use it for canceling crouch fierce into medium axe kick or low forward into the medium axe kick (which combos on counter hit and is a decent pressure tool.

Regardless, of the directional input/motion, axe kick should not come out unless you’re negative edging the medium kick.