Execution Question

So I just finished watching the “I Got Next” film and it was entertaining. But, it did remind me of a question I wanted to ask regarding execution. When they show people playing on their sticks, say Combofiend for example, they would do a move then press either all 3 kick buttons or all 3 punch buttons. In Combofiend’s case he does crouch jab 3 times (with Boxer) and presses all 3 kicks to get the low roundhouse. (He did not do p-linking, i checked. he pressed all 3 kicks simultaneously.)

Also, when I played in Chinatown Fair a while back, I played Marn. He was playing Akuma, and when he did an air fireball he would immediately press all 3 punch buttons. So my question is “What is the benefit of doing this? Am i missing something here?”

To me, the inputs just seem unnecessary.


Combo was probably charging a turnaround punch. I dunno about Marn…buffering a demon, maybe?

it’s more likely Marn was buffering teleport.

I dont mean this to sound like a dick… but if you were playing Marn, how did you see him hit all the buttons at once? When I play someone I dont really pay attention to their hands.

And regardless of that, why didnt you just ask him? Im sure he wouldve told you why he did that, and not bite your head off or anything.

After he beat me I was watching his hands.

And actually I did ask him one question. He played my Rufus with his Boxer and destroyed me. I asked him what can Rufus do against Rog’s jab. He said “I don’t play Rufus, so I don’t know.” After watching countless footage of him at ECT, FR and Devastation I kinda got it that he does not want to share any info.

That could be it. Charging the TAP would be a good explanation.

But how do you buffer a demon? Wouldn’t buffering a demon look like, jab jab back/forward light kick, then if you can hit the demon then double tap fierce punch?

? dont think so what would be the point of negative edging a tele? lol

I’m not sure about other players, but I do it because it makes things easier. Priority works in order of strongest to weakest when it comes to normals (excluding command attacks like f.mp). So when you press 3 punches you’ll automatically get fierce, and you can start charging for a TAP, or tap all three again for a guaranteed EX special, or tap again for ultra etc. eg. I find it easier to tap mp + fp xx qcf mp + fp with Seth to get fierce into EX sonic boom.

No idea…was just a guess. A lot of people use PPP to do the demon.

Ok. Cool

maybe it’s easier for him to perform a move say if he wanted to either teleport, or EX fireball. Finally I wish I knew how to play Akuma.

Some players do that however. They can see if you going for a reserval or throw attempt or what not based on the other persons hands, and they know the game well enough to not have to look at their character. I believe its part of the reason japanese players do not play next to each other in arcades.(least I heard that don’t know how true that is)

Some people have really good peripheral vision. Where they can play and actually note what you’re going to do before you even do it. That’s what I hate about those arcade cabinets with huge layouts. The peripheral vision thing worked awesome on Tekken Tag.

You knew when the person was going to tap out before they even did it.

Thanks for the movie tip;)

you guys think too much, seriously

other than latency, the biggest difference i have noticed between arcade play and online is the absence of the information you get from the other player’s presence.
listening to their button strikes and joystick motions tells you a lot.
i cant say i ever looked at my opponent’s hands though.
mashing is ridiculous in an arcade.
if you heard the other player doing that you would know exactly what was going to happen!

by pressing all 3 buttons (punches) you have a higher chance of executing an ex fireball without messing up it’s called the “piano method” maybe this is what he was doing

I personally often drum the punch button after certain combos just as a habit. feels good, does nothing. altough I get random heavy punches sometimes if I fail the combo.

anyway, the marn exaple was probably something like this.

it might run even deeper than that!
i hate it when people i know want to talk to me and when strangers want to talk to me i get furious!
people dont even have a reason to talk to me.
imagine being a celebrity!
when people want to talk, they are sucking your time away.
he probably just wants to play and think, not talk to randoms and help them out by sacrificing his own time.

Keeps the rhythm going. That’s all you need to know. :].