Execution Tip for FADC in middle of combo



Hey guys,

Relative newbie here. Still working on some execution, but I got frustrated as I couldn’t seem to find an answer. Hope someone can shed alight on this.

So, whenever I am using FADC for combos such as…

L/M shoryuken->FADC->U1

I one day finally realized that if I simply input full shoryuken (with forward input at the end), and then click FA + forward input together, forward moving FADC will naturally occur.

However, now that I am trying to incorporate this into other combos with more practical utility, such as

Cr. HP X Shoryuken->FADC->U1


Cr. MK X Hadouken->FADC->Cl. HP X Shoryuken/etc,

FADC will not execute the same way I discussed above. It seems that since I am using shortcut many times when cancelling these moves in crouching position, perhaps they are not coming out as smoothly? Can someone please provide some hints? I have been practicing in training room for hours last few days and I feel somewhat frustrated.

Thanks in advance!

Oh and if my question is not clear enough, please let me know.


Do the dp motion and hold down forward, input the focus attack, then release down forward and input forward.


Thx mate! I thought it was just my own quirky problem and took a break for the last two days…will have to try this later at home!