Execution with Birdie, st.lp XX lp Bull Head

Hi guys,
This is my first post… Just started with SFV and I’m having a lot of fun. Never played SF4 though I did play lots of original SF2, Alpha 3 and SSF2ST.

Anyway, as per the title, I’m having trouble cancelling standing jab into bull head fast enough. It’s not that I mess up the bullhead, it’s just that it’s usually too late and ends up being blocked. Probably only 10% of the time do I actually get the bullhead to combo.

Do you guys have any tips for how to cancel this fast enough? Are there any shortcuts or tricks? In general I find it difficult to do st.lp/lk into qcf or dp quickly.

Oh and I should mention that I’m using an old PS2 Hori stick.


BTW if anyone wants to play my handle is Mumen-Rider . I’m pretty terrible.

Practiced for half an hour and was able to get this cancel down. The thing that seemed to help the most was making the initial tap of jab as light and fast as possible, not laying my finger down on the button for any longer than necessary. I had assumed the whole time that the issue was my motion input not being fast enough but it turns out it was my second jab input that was not fast enough.

Welcome to the boards. Although this is the newbie section, you can probably find more help in the Birdie specific character discussion section. Also to add I would say throw lk into this before lp for more stun/damage and mp can also cancel into mp bullhead.


Thanks for the advice. Will use char specific thread for this kinda thing next time.

BTW, lk , lp xx bullhead worked! Was able to chain CA on that too :slight_smile: Seems like Birdie does a lot of damage with few inputs