Execution woes



Does anyone else think this shortcut dp, shortcut super is more of a hindrance to consistent execution?

It’s pissing me off that i’m canceling to super when im clearly inputting a dp motion. Why can’t we cancel this shortcut as an option??!

Btw, i feel ryu’s hardest combo to get consistently right 10/10 tries is the j hk, s mp, c hp, h srk, super. So frustrating


It just takes practice. Break down the combos you find hard into parts.
j.hk to smp
s.mp to cr.hp
c.hp to srk
srk to super

Personally I just do the qcf three times before the super. It works for me but your mileage may vary. Keep trekking


This helped tremendously. Thank you.


Try pressing down-forward instead of straight down when you do the crouching hp. So do down-forward hp xx qcf hp to cancel crouching heavy punch into heavy shoryuken. Add on a qcf pp at the end to cancel into critical art.


Found a system that works for me. A bit unconventional, but consistent.
I do the down cr hp, forward, roll a down back, down, hp for SRK. Quickly cancelled by qcf p for critical art.


Remember that u can use the input of the dp as the first qcf of ur super so after the dp u can just do a hadoken motion (qcf,p) and ur super should come out


I never even thought about holding Down-forward so as not to screw up the buffer. Is that a common technique? pretty cool. Maybe I do it sometimes without thinking about it…haha.


when I do down-forward, I get a lot of standing HP mistakes.

Found a surefire way to do it now:

After crouching DP, let go of the joystick for a split second and then freshly input a DP movement. Comes out clean as long as you are fast enough. No critical art interruption.

For critical art at the end, as stated above, qcf + p. It helps to make the forward endstop at the 2:30/9:30 position rather than right at 3 or 9…


Anyone else having more difficulty executing srk xx super on the Player 1 side than P2?


If you have difficulty with this, just use an alternate confirm. You can do fireball instead of DP or St.mp - cr.mk xx fireball xx Super.

I don’t think DP xx Cancel should be something you should spend a lot of time on personally, there are way more important links.


It’s is the most damaging way 2 combo into super so I do think it’s worth learning but there are easier ways 2 do it. LK tatsu or fireball like Highland said


Jump lk, lp, lp, hp dp.
Anyone else having difficulty getting the timing down consistently, particularly on p2 side?


I find it a bit easier to do lp, lk instead. The cancel period on the second jab comes and goes very quickly, easy to drop it and have the DP come out after recovery which gets you crush counter punished.


If you have not tried it out, consider leaving your stick in the neutral position after you have landed a j.lk. There’s less pressure on your left hand to execute while holding foward and the x2 st.lp gives ample time to react to the situation.

I use both the neutral stick and holding stick forward methods. All depends on the situation really.


I’m also struggling but have found it easier to cancel into dp if you input forwards at the same time as the standing light attack.

E.g. b.hk, f + st.lk xx qcf +hp (hit hp at down forward and don’t complete the qcf).

This only works for standing attacks and attacks that don’t have a unique with forward, essentially only useful for st.lk xx dp. Hope you can understand what I’m trying to say


Thanks this solved the issue instantly. Now I can play Ryu as my 2nd again!