I’m new to Street Fighter. I’m really a Tekken player. That game isn’t as execution heavy have SF is, so I’m trying to get over some issues with my execution that I’m slowly but surely fixing. I’m not an execution type of player (no Mishima’s for me, lol). I just have a question about how you guys execute some cancels. The main one I’m working on right now is with Ken’s (but if you guys have other examples, feel free) :d:+:mk: into dp or super. At first, I was combining the inputs. I would do :r: :d:+:mk: for the low kick, then :df:+:p: to complete the dp. But I’m finding it easier to just keep the inputs seperate. I’ve been having more success doing :d:+:mk: then bringing the stick back around and doing the :dp:+:p:. I know it seems like more work, but it works for me. Same with doing it with the super. I do :d:+:mk: then :qcf::qcf:+:p:. Should I be doing it the other way or is the way I do it fine? I’m thinking my way is the way to go when it comes to confirming hits. I’ll do the input, but if I don’t see the low kick hit, I’ll just stop myself from pressing the button. It seems like I’d have more time to confirm the hit by doing it that way. What do you guys think???

c.MK xx SA3




c.MK x MP Shoryuken xx SA3




Capcom games are very flexible when it comes to inputs. A lot of times you can combine inputs, buffer inputs, etc. Try stuff out and see what works best for you.

2 things:

  1. Try and keep inputs seperate(no buffer/ :d:+:mk:, :dp: :lp: instead of :r:, :d: + :mk:, :df: :lp: for dp)
  2. pratice practice practice. There isn’t much advice that can be given when it comes to execution. Everyone has their own preference…so just do what feels natural to you and practice it up in training mode hardcore.

After enough practice, all of the motions just become second nature… and the more you do them, the faster and faster they come out. I do c. MK into super the same way as you, as two separate motions. But honestly, it’s just about whatever works for you. Do whatever feels comfortable, whatever you have the easiest time executing.

Back when I was learning how to cancel into supers, I would just sit in practice mode and do c. MK into super over and over and over again until it stopped being two motions and started feeling like one. It just takes practice. :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with doing it that way at all.

I do things the “long” way as well.

Whatever works for you, go with it.

yikes! yeah, do what works. I do this way

:r: :d: :mk: :df: :dp: :mp: :lk: <—I actully hit those in a piano like fashion

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Just do whatever is most comfortable and easiest for you. Who cares about your method of execution as long as you’re consistent with it.

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My ken execution, I’ll be using teh numbers this time, look it up on your num pad, all of them is for you standing on the left side.


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:lp: + :lk:

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Yeah, I can’t really help you, but I’ve been having trouble with execution as well. The main characters I play are Akuma, Ryu and Urien. Urien execution is just a whole different ball-game, and I won’t even bring it up here, but I’m having trouble with the former two. My main problem is with c.lk, c.lk -> super

I used to do it like


but it occurred to me that that was pretty noob sauce, and I was just asking for a random demon flip/ryu’s kick thingy (i’m bad with japanese names), so i switched to c.lk, .clk, qcfx2 + p. i have trouble doing it sometimes, and especially verifying it. i need to learn how to do it faster =/

well, c.LK c.LK qcfx2 Super:P For the timing, press LK LK, like that, don’t wait for the first to come out or to hit, then do qcfx2 like you would with MP,HP,SA3 with Ken , and then confirm&super.