Executional techniques for stick players for UMVC3


So I just moved from pad over to a stick, and I just realized that there are a lot more execution heavy stuff you can do with a stick versus a pad, like plink dashing, wave dashing, triangle magneto zig zags in air, Etc. I was wondering, can you guys post how, when, and why to use techniques like this that involve execution? I’m trying to improve my execution on stick, and this would be a great way to get started. I’ll give a quick example to get things going. Remember, everything is a technique, from holding down zero’s buster correctly to Morrigan’s SOUSOUSOUSOU. You can also post relevant videos too!

Wave Dashing
How to do it - Press 2 normal buttons (L,M,H) simultaneously, immediately press down, Repeat until awesome at it.
Why use this? - It’s an easier alternative to plink dashing (which I don’t really know what it is) and can close distance really fast depending on the character.
What are you doing? You are canceling a 2 button dash with the down motion and repeating it until you are where you want to go
When should you use this? - To close the distance between you and an opponent really quickly depending on the character you have.
Other notes - Be careful as you could accidentally attack while doing this technique. Use caution and remember this is limited to ground mobility only!

Again, this is only an example, but feel free to make recommendations on anything execution based, like how to hold your stick when playing marvel, when to use what, etc.


You can do everything you listed on pad.


Yes, but it is significantly harder since you only have your thumb for button presses. It’s not exactly impossible, but things like the morrigan flight cancel loop and the magneto magnetic blast are much easier on stick, even if they are still difficult. Again, I’m just looking for techniques that can help improve your game on stick.


That’s a matter of opinion. This thread is probably going to be closed because it’s basically another stick/pad thread. I think it’s much easier to wavedash on pad.


Nothing that you have said has anything to do with my topic. I never bashed pad, because I do enjoy playing on pad. However, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I am looking for higher execution techniques that I can do on my stick so that players like myself can improve their game. And the wavedash was an example, not to be taken seriously. Honestly, I don’t know what you’re reading.


I’m just giving your a forewarning, that’s all. This “high execution” stuff you can do on stick isn’t any different than bad save what buttons you press. I’ll leave you be now.


Lightning Loop
How to do it - Surf around Cinnibar Island 68432186 times, beat the running man in OoT, unlock Toad in SSBM, achieve enlightenment and then smash the buttons of your stick really hard.
Why use this? - To produce massive amounts of salt in your opponent.
What are you doing? - A barrel roll
When should you use this? - So you can beat Justin Wong and become the greatest player in the universe for all time.
Other notes - Do not attempt without an adult’s permission. Batteries not included. You just lost the game.