Executive orders - you'er free for a lil bit longer

it’s time to wake up


entertainment is designed to corrupt and keep us focused on nonsense. look at the sand hook hoax. the east coast hq of the church of satan is in newtown con.

Sandy Hook was a hoax?

Go shoot yourself.

i did my research. what did you do?




The Prince is sticking the Princess’s arm up his ass.


i’ll give it just a lil longer and you won’t be. you can look up the orders yourself.


goddamnit now he’s posting every tinfoil hat vid he can find. Fuck me for replying to this thread :bluu:


fuck no.

nigga’s need to leran how to properly wear their tinfoil hats.

We should all just break that cycle and listen to god which is the real answer and absolutely nothing like this marketing plots to keep people ignorant and controlled.

Is this where we post vampire sightings and the Zeitgeist documentaries?

This thread reminds me of a video a friend showed me last night.


His devotion to the idea that this was legitimate had me laughing the whole way.
This video is clearly an accumulation of basic facts that idiots tend to overlook with a splash of sarcasm and a few sprinkles of knowing how to make dumb people paranoid.
It’s aimed at the “EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY” crowd.

I’ll save everyone else the effort.



I came, I saw, I laughed, I left.


I saw, I laughed, I came, I stayed.

A dumbass coworker linked me one of those sandy hook conspiracy videos and with 5 minutes on google I debunked 5/7 of his major claims and when I refused to even entertain the idea that the other two could be legitimate he called me a sheep.

His big idea was that China was ordering Obama (he calls him Obummer) to disarm the American people.

He also plays league of legends

No comment…

Omg I’m closing this thread. THE ILLUMINATI TOLD ME TO.

Nope, you’re just retarded.