Exercises to improve execution?

I’d like to improve my execution. It’s not bad, I can do most stuff, but I still feel that I have to get more consistent.
Of course you can say “play”, but I’m already doing that :lol:

So I thought that when you play an instrument, you don’t just play scores (expecially at the begining), but also lots of “dexterity exercises”, like that Hanon book for piano.

I thought that it could work for fighting games too, to do something along those lines.

Of course there aren’t books on this, but with the help of this community we could write down training programs.

Like, for beginners:
do 20 hadokens in a row (switch sides, repeat. This goes for every exercise)
do 20 cMK, Hadoken in a row
do 20 jump-in HP, cMK, Hadoken in a row

of course I need more advanced stuff than that :stuck_out_tongue:
but even a beginning guide could be useful, expecially to lure in new players to 2d fighters (I know a lot of people who actually like 2d fighters but are somewhat scared from the execution needed and so they just don’t learn. If we can build a really GOOD execution training guide, that could lure some new faces to the scene, and maybe solve some problems to many people who already play).

Smoke weed, then play like your top-tier… that shit worxx



A true gamer wouldn’t need to do stuff like that. It would just come naturally. Althought it may help some. I figure it’s better to get your own feel for the stick when playing at the arcades. That’s what worked for me.

Doing a single hadoken is easy. Doing it mid battle when you’re trying to anticipate requires a slightly different kind of execution.

To practice your execution, find yourself a nice rifle, load that sucker up and find a squirrel… no wait, that’s something else.

Seriously, play on different types of sticks and do harder motions. Start with A-groove sakura, then maybe some C geese, raging storm into raging storm.

I like the weed idea. It’s worked great for me.

weed only works when you already have the execution.

i suggest playing kof, when your force to do things in faster pace, it ll help improve joystick skills(tough shit) and consistent execution(getting the move out when you want it, everytime).

Dude I’m serious, I’m no Scrub nor I’m I Daigo but I swear when I get HIGH, EVERYTHING COMES OUT!!! I did the Chun combo of death (CvS2) yesterday against my friend twice in the same match… cr.jp, cr.jp, cr.mp, lvl2, lightning kick, close fp, lvl1, jump Hpx2… I can’t even do that shit in practice mode?? Same as for in Marvel I was starting the Rom off of any air hit Sanford syle… Weed is Crazy yo… I gotta plan, at EvO I’m bring a biG bag of White Widow and I guarantee top 30 in something…Weed is l337 try it

just practice following thru with your motions on the joystick, all the way… i found overcompensating on the motions tends to help.

and also, try not to mash, obviously, but one thing dr. subzero told me that helped, is breaking everything up into peices in your head, instead of just trying to force out a combo as fast as possible.

I love the combo system in GGXX a lot of times I tray combos that aren’t really damaging but have hard elements to them like

With Ky agaianst Faust you can combo into a trip thin Sj cancel the trip into a combo. Try it. Or something with angi like 5p,FRC6k and repeat 4 times. hard shit.

screw weed…drink alcohol. its fuuuuuuuuuuuuun. lol

half circle that shit down!!!

Hol Horse- a shortcut i use to do my first combos off was doing the special attack motion like regular, just hit the linker first and end with the button.
simple as shit, it ll help your friend(s) get started.

alchohol rox too, just a small tip on the low attack into a QCF motion. Start at db, ex: db.mk then roll the motion out, that way you won’t make a mistake and do a df.mk. Same for double fireball supers. I hope everyone knows about holding the button and releasing, that qualifies as an input, kinda weird getting used to though


Anyone have any tips for doing Sakura’s ShoShoSho on a Japanese stick? I can do it from the right side no prob, but from the left I can only get 3-4 before it goes to shit.

I have the stick resting in the second joints of my fingers, so to do a DP I just kind of rotate the stick using my joints. That’s fine for normal uppercuts, but for ShoSho I can’t keep up. Anyone know a better way?

try forward + qcf, that might help

I did this yesterday in CvS2 for like 3 mins. DP with cammy, dash, whiff close fierce, dp. I’m not sure if it did anything, but it was kinda fun.

the “hadoken exercise” was only am example, I don’t have any problems executing special moves and basic combos ^^;;
it’s just that sometimes I miss harder combos when under pressure, and I want to overcome this problem

I guess I made it out so it looked like I suck, which is not true - I’m not saying that I’m a champion or anything, but I can execute all not-too-hardcore stuff and, for sure, I don’t mash on the buttons -_-;

Use the double/triple tap technique. I think Daigo is known for this.

Instead of hitting only one button to do a special hit 3. drum the buttons. I found this help alot because you’re getting 3 inputs instaed just one. Sometimes if you input a button too early, nothing will come out. LIke if you’re just landing froma jump. but this method will give you more chances to pull the moves out.

If you can only do the move with 1 button (a fierce dp for example). then hit it with your middle finger then your index. strike it, slightly sliding from the top.

Make Katas for your character(s). Makes you memorize stuff and execute better.

You’re problem might not be execution at all. You just need to relax. Learn to accept the fact you will lose some and win some. Just play a few games keeping your cool, and you’ll get what you want, more victories.

Does playing on DC pad consistently really affect your gameplay on Arcade?