Exercises to improve execution?

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screw drugs and alcohol I’m totally free of such mess. When I first started playing sf2 world warriors way back in 92 I would actually start off with one character and go militant-style on the moves. I would do uppercuts with ken on the 2nd player side for an hour straight and nothing else. Then I would switch sides. I did that with every move until it become more of a reflex doing them and now I barely think about most move motions. They just happen. Make sure you also have a nice stick or controller depending on where you practice. Breaking down the points of motions and combos helps in the beginning as well. take your time.

I just want to add that you should practice supers from different positions on the stick. When your doing a combo you usually holding down or something.

Say for instance your walking back and somebody jump at you and you want to dp them. You would have to go straght from bhack to the dp.

You get what im saying? im not good at this explaining shit.

Yeah, start by working your stick in circles, then try working it up and down, maybe even left to right. Now you’re ready to start playing with the buttons. Start by pressing them firmly, yet gently. You want the buttons to know that you care for them. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

and don’t forget what shoto scrub just said: try all possible positions. Underneath, on top, sideways, upside-down even. Just stay away from backwards. :slight_smile: :lol:

Oh and you avi just reminded me of something ace. Negative edge! You must use this.

If you dont know what it is here is an example.

If you press FP and hold it down it will register twice. Press FP (register) realese FP (regester). So if you are ryu and you want to combo a FP into a super fireball you would press FP and hold it do qcf, qcf then release FP.

I didnt read the whole thread so im not sure if anyone explained it yet but a lot of people dont use this.

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I’ll just have to cut down on the DC then.

Is there a way to make the game ignore inputs because you dont want them.

Like in CvS2 with Akuma I go crossup FK -> JP -> c.FP xx lvl2 fireball super xx lvl 1 fireball super (I think you can link a FP d.p. here, I forget. I know you can FP d.p. after the superfireball normaly, but you might be too far away in this case.) But like in order for it to work (for me) I have to get the extra jab in so that I have the split second to know that when I am hitting hp I move the stick from forward to down+back then hit hp and hold it then quickly do another hcb motion and hit SP. In this situation I have to force myself to jam on a diagonal and then press and hold a button and then finish the motion while holding it because it seems as if I ever let go of FP red fireball comes out (The negative edge time in CvS2 is rediculusly long, either that or the buttons on the stick I use are wierd.). I know a simple and dirty solution would be to link into far s.hp (I think there is a way but I haven’t messed with akuma in forever, I think i can s.jpx2, but its fuzzy) and then try to buffer that into a super (because most everything can be buffered into a super, and lots of far fp cant be buffered into specials)

With like sagat, its not a problem because he has no QCB specials to get in his way so any combo he does he can end with a tiger raid or a low tiger cannon. (I think, s.far FP may not be bufferable into supers (I’ve never tried, you can’t do a link into it from a standing normal) and the second hit of his s.RK may not be either, but whos keeping track)

But in this one CvS1 combo they linked like s.JPx3 -> s.HP xx ShinkuHaddoken. All the normals were standing and all the buttons were punches, so I don’t see how this is even doable without a normal fireball coming out. Can someone explain? (or is it just “do the motion realy fast while the hp animation is hitting?” or is ryus s.FP not bufferable into specials in CvS1?)

Basicly “How do I make specials not come out without changing standing or crouching status, and while using motions and normals that involve special moves coming out?”

I just spent lots of money playing against people a lot better than me for a couple of months so that I could get up to speed with valuable tactics and what not. But if you are a real beginner, practice is the ONLY way.

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I have problems doing DP from the left side. I don’t know y. Maybe i’m to intense but I can’t do them at regular speed. I’m seriously having problems w/ Yun’s lp/lk/mp/(lp dp)/(lp fb) Grrrrr…

Oh, come on. That’s not true. When Street Fighter 2 first came out everybody had trouble with the DP motion at first. And there are some crazy ass motions that require practice to get right (like 720s, pretzel motions, what have you)… people practice no matter how good they are, and that’s cool.

For me, my favorite “exercise” is to record combos in CvS2, switch to the other character, then try to parry/JD my own combos. Teaches me how to defend my combos and how to mix up my combos so they’re more difficult to read. Ka-ching! :clap:

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For some Shoryuken execution practice, what I did in CvS2: pick a shoto for your CPU dummy and record a bunch of hadoukens at varying speeds, and don’t memorize how the variation in speed goes. Then play it back and try to Shoryuken through all of them using invincibility frames.

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Yo, i’m a little late in learning this but does anyone have some tips for practical uses of Negative Edge?

one answer: