Yeah you know this was the shit :rock:

One of the best of its kind along with beast wars

I know Philth knows whats up :chainsaw:

so the first season finally came out on dvd yesterday: http://www.amazon.com/Exosquad-Season-1-Robby-Benson/dp/B001OD8E2I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1239831315&sr=8-1

Still waiting for mine to come in the mail

I had most of the exo squad toys when I was a kid, some asian lady down the street stole them from me when I left them on the play ground for 5 minutes…

Yeah exo squad was the shit

This was my fav

I will definitely pick that show up. I used to get up at 6AM every morning so I could watch exosquad before school started.

Wow. Here’s to crossing fingers for BattleTech. :slight_smile:

Speaking of Beast Wars I just got done watching all three seasons. But I remember watching this show when I was a kid. Damn Sapes.

Did the Exo Squad story ever go anywhere? I remember watching a lot of episodes and they were building towards something but then they started to get really repetitive/formulaic with avoiding real plot progression.

So I finished the dvd set today. Exo Squad holds up really well I think. There wasn’t a single stand-alone episode on the two discs, which has got to be a first for American cartoons from that time. It’s interesting how similar the premise is to Battlestar Galactica. The final arc of the season where JT Marsh and Phaeton finally throw down was excellent. I really hope they fastrack the next season.

i still dont get the whole macross x exo squad toys they did…years after the series.

Wow, old school. The toys were the shit! My friend and I had an epic battle of a Lego army vs. an exo-suit. I think the Legos finally prevailed, I can’t remember.

ya i started watching some of the first episodes on hulu, still good shit like i remember…it made me remember another cartoon that i thought was badass back in the day called teknoman…the good days of cartooning!

im outi


Yeah, exo squad was an amazing show. Was one of many great shows during the 90’s:
-Duck Tales
-Darkwing Duck

The theme of racism in exosquad had pretty mature themes (ie: use of “sape”).

LOL I remember the days, wokeup early for sonic too (the good one) I don’t remember much of it though eco squad was one of those for older kids type cartoons I’m definitely picking this up.

crosses fingers cg at the time was bananas.

PG: did you used to have a dinobot av?

Just ordered mine off amazon:tup:

Not to sound like a dick but wiki says it came out on dvd in april14?

They were building towards something but the series got canned before it hit the point where it could have really took off, unfortunately.

which is why the first post in this thread is dated april 15th and says the dvds came out yesterday?:confused:

reminded me of mighty max


Yeah I totally have the toys still! After me and my little brother moved out of our parents house we were going through boxes of our old toys and junk, seeing what to sell, toss, or keep… we came across all our old Exo-Squad toys and both knew that we’d never wanna get rid of them. They were that awesome. We spent almost all of our allowance/earned money on that shit. I was always the humans and my brother played as the Neo-Sapiens.

The green dude was always my favorite one - forgot his name - but the toy had 4 missiles in one of the arms… and that other guy, in a brown exosuit… Wolf Bronski or something, that was a badass toy too. Had a grappling hook!

Damn that show was great!!! Need a J T marsh ava stat!!!

just downloaded the 39 eps of season 2 and burning to disc now (as an official release doesnt seem to be on the horizon)

Anyone here play the Exo Squad Sega Genesis game?

I remember back in the day seeing it briefly mentioned during the toy commercials, and calling bullshit on it. Thought it was something they made up and that the Genesis was not capable of graphics that good.

It was released around 1995 though when the systems lifespan was nearly over, so i guess programmers had gotten good enough with it by that point.