Expanding our community on the other fronts!

Keeping track of this whole event has gotten me thinking about extra ways in which we could promote Skullgirls and attract more followers, and I was leaning towards seeing if we could spread the characters, art, music and etc. towards that artists/fan-artists, cosplayers, fans of our VAs and etc.?

I remember reading a message on the stream that went along the lines of “all the male Skullgirls fans are always in SRK and the competitive games, while all the female Skullgirls fans are on Tumblr, Deviantart and in Cosplay”.

I think our game has received a lot of attention from this breast cancer donation drive from the gaming/fighting community (I’m especially grateful for the attention melee players have been showing us since yesterday, and encourage everybody to try it out if they’re curious!), so how about we think of ways to also promote it in anime conventions, gaming conventions, non-FGC type events and such? I’ve already gotten a group of my artist friends in love with Alex’s art, and I pumped my fist when I saw a Cerebella at last year’s New York Comic Con. Although it might not be as effective as appealing directly to fighting game fans, who knows? I have a feeling that expanding the pool of people who recognize all sorts of things from Skullgirls is a nice way to bring in some unexpected attention!

And of course, I apologize if this was all covered before I became active here.

When I saw we had $800+ in the donation drive. vs, at the time. Melee’s $1,000+ I felt we stood a damn good chance. I remembered all the artwork, cosplays, etc…I had seen on the SG tumblr tag…so…I made my moves of encouragement and rallying, there.

Honestly, I have no real idea if my posts did anything or not. But you have to remember. Fans who aren’t uber competitive like us, still do enjoy other aspects of the game. So to leave them out is absolutely stupid.

They should be supported and encouraged just as much as the competitive side, cause in the end. We’re all fans.

Actually I still think that non-competitive fans are sizable part of SG community. In fact I won’t be surprised if non-competitive crowd was even bigger then competitive for SG. That’s why I want to remind one more time that teaching those people to play this game the way it meant to be played should be one of our main priorities. This surely will add longevity to their interest in the franchise, enlarge competitive scene, bring new blood to the FGC (and hopefully lure more girls too =3)
That being said we should be really friendly to newcomers who has no experience in FGs and are there for art, characters, story or what have you. That’s why I think we should have most interesting, entertaining and easy to understand tutorials. In fact my wet dream are character tutorials created by insightful players such as Mike or other top ones with text written by SG authors voiced by SG VAs and utilizing SG’s art deco movie style. Those will be extremely useful in my opinion. I know that it’s most likely much harder to pull out then it sounds but if only team was able to find time and resources to make such tutorials - it’ll help game greatly in my opinion. Looking at how involved VAs and artists are in popularizing the game I’d say they’ll be glad to help.

I think player guides voiced by the VAs sounds like a hilariously awesome idea, if they’re up for it. I still think Mike Z’s Tager Guide for BBCT was one of the most entertaining guides I’ve ever watched, and I can see how something like that can be useful and fun for everybody.

Yeah, I think it would be nice if we could entice some of the non-competitive players to at least get to the point where they find fun in entering tournaments. It sounds like sort of a long shot to get all the art-lovers, artists and cosplayers actively involved in the actual gameplay, so maybe there’s something we can do to better mesh these communities together? I think someone on the SSBM + SG thread mentioned creating a website as a hub for all things Skullgirls… I think that might be one solution to it?