Expansion Assist unblockable...?

Well I know there was already a past thread on this subject, but couldn’t help that nobody has really experimented with it.
I’m trying out chunny(expansion) doom (AA), jugs( dash). My strat is glitch jugs and setup unblockable glitched headcrush. Believe me this works. Do c.lk+( chunny expansion), c.lk, headcrush. If they block the 2 c.lk the will get hit by the expansion assist. If timed correctly the expansion does pop them up a little, u can them glitch headcrush them. I’m sure mags can make use of this assist somehow, but seeing as how I don’t use Mags I wouldn’t really know how. Cable and chunner’s = free hyper viper beam x3! Somebody please experiment with this there has got to be a reason as to why they would put a high hitting Assist in the game. Maybe by taking away chunny’s super they gave her assist that edge so we could play with her. I might just be saying jibberish but imagine if mags could capitalize on this unblockable setup. Your input please.

This is rollable. (lk, lk, headcrush)

It’s not gonna work on a good player more than once.

Chun li’s expansion assist isn’t the only overhead (unblockable low) assist in the game. Juggernaut’s variety type assist is an overhead also.

chill effect you can come up with some good tricks using jugg or chun overhead assists and wolverine’s(bone wolverine) ground assist(its the only low hitting assist in the game) to make em block low or high while you rush down with storm or sent;etc.

shit anakaris has an overhead assit too. Very good imo. The variety assist. can use for guardbreak, hard though, mean crossups with storm or mag or im. Good for resets too. The reason why i was saying that expansion on chunny could be unblockable cause most ppl attack with lk+assist, lk, like mag with psy. The 2nd lk could be delayed a bit just to keep them in block stun, then chunny will pop out and hit them overhead.

chill_effect mags can capitalize on her assist because he can just combo into it on the ground with his crouching kicks. Whether the C.Lk and C.Mk hit or not, when CHun-Li hits, you just OTG immediately. Since it’s a combo itself, the whole thing looks seamless.

Its not that hard to roll, but with magnus you can use his dash to get to where they are rolling and make them guess on wake up.