Experience problems with a HRAP before?

I’ve had my HRAP for a few years now without too many problems and not too much strenuous use. The version I’m using the the original one with the metallic surface.

My stick was getting solid use over last weekend at in a gaming room. Unfortunately I can’t tell what the last thing it worked on due to it getting used for various things, but I’m guessing it stopped working due to two reasons.

  1. X-box converter: Someone plugged it into an X-box converter that I didn’t think to check the brand of. I was told that it half worked or something along those lines and they stopped using it.

  2. PS2 failure: Someone had trouble booting a PS2, thought it might’ve been a dodgy modchip job. Nonetheless this was the last thing it was plugged into before we found it to not work with anything.

After that the stick was completely unresponsive, with converters or otherwise. I’ve pulled it apart so far and as far as I can tell these is no physical damage, PCB problems (the PCB stuff is so damn tidy) that I can tell. I borrowed a PS2 cable from a gutted hori stick, and tried it hoping that the original was damaged but no luck. The connector didn’t fit very well so I’m not 100% on that but I think that it made a connection.

Anyway, thats all I’ve tried so far. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced problems of this sort with any generation of HRAP, and could give me a list of things I should check before I go out and find some Playstation controller to gut and simply replace the old PCB (and ditch the turbo buttons :p). I only have basic electronics knowledge but I at least know how to operate a soldering iron and a multimeter so I can follow instructions.

I’m just going to bump this once. If anyone has any clue on how to go about testing the problems with my HRAP I’d be very grateful. I’m really starting to miss the damn thing.

I’ve never had this kind of problem, but the PS2 not booting doesn’t have anything to do with the HRAP. At most it could possibly blow out a controller port, but without rumble or anything like that it is highly unlikely. I’m sure if you just put in a new PCB you should be fine. Just get a PS1 digital or Dualshock. You don’t really need a multimeter for it and there’s tons of info in the padhacking thread to show you what to do.