Experience with Joysticks?


Hey guys. Just recently joined here as I found this place to be very helpful in my time modding my Mayflash Fightstick (v1) which I’m still in the process of doing so thanks for that. For the most part I’m almost done as my set of Sanwa OBSF-30’s came in not to long ago. the only thing left now to do is get a new joystick installed but the thing is I’m not sure which one to get. Up until this point as I was on a budget at the time, Iv’e been using a Zippy joystick which I’ve swapped out the stock microswitches with some of the ones from my old X-arcade dual joystick for the time being to see how it would work and I grown fond into liking how it worked in terms of it’s throwing distance and spring tension in the beginning, but after using it for some time now, it felt like it was time for me to change it for something else. now I’m sure that this has been asked plenty of times over and that it’s really more of a matter of preference but i just want to know is there any joysticks that works similar to the Zippy? I’ve been considering giving the JLF a try but have heard that it’s more loose and sensitive than most joysticks and has a longer throw distance, so my next alternative I was considering on trying was a LS-32-01 as I know this is what the Zippy was based off of. not really asking for a straight answer or anything but just from anyone’s experience in how these joysticks have worked for them would be appreciated.


After buying and trying a Seimitsu I will never go back to Sanwa sticks. The Seimitsu has a shorter throw and just feels tighter and more responsive. You can get the 32 or 56 or 58 or even the newest 62 and you won’t go wrong.


My Favorite Seimitsu stick is the LS-40


^LS-40 is the best one. Short throw, short engage, feels really smooth.


What’s wrong with the LS-56?


We never said there was anything wrong with it.
We just like the one we suggested better. My personal favorites are the Sanwa JLW, Seimitsu LS-40, and the Hayabusa (with a few mods). In the end all of our suggestions are just that, opinions.


Are you looking to use an octagon or square gate?


Most likely an octo gate as I play with shotos a lot, though the square gate doesn’t really bother me much either but I would prefer to have better precision when executing certain moves.


Nothing really, in my opinion I think the LS-40 is just much better.
I notice that the 32 or 56 or 58 and the awful 62 mentioned but no LS-40.
The LS-40 pretty much addresses every flaw with the LS-32 and its almost like the old Sanwa JLW in terms of feel.
Sanwa should of never discontinued the JLW for the garbage JLF.

But everyone got their own preferences, and your own mileage will vary.


Ugh :frowning: can the LS-40 use an octagon gate?
I can’t seem to find gate options for this stick. The only reason I was interested in the LS-56 was because it has an octagon gate option for it.

Or is the LS-40 square gate/circle gate only?
That’s the neo geo MVS joystick from games like Magician Lord and Ninja Combat?


I like the LS-62


Check out the LS-56. It has a very short throw and the stiffer spring from this series. Also there an optional octagonal gate for it offered.


The LS-40 is what the Japanese Neo Geo cabs mostly used, the US versions used Old Happ (il parts).
Ikari Warriors used a custom LS-30 or 33 I forget now, it has a twist knob top for the gun’s rotation.


“Currently” trying harder to brainwash myself off of actual American stick feels by sticking between my current two favorite Japanese sticks:

[] Sanwa JLW-UM-8 + a weighted aluminum bat top | Very heavy force needed to modulate compared to JLF/LS-32/HH, and great for square gate training vs American sticks’ circle gate
] Seimitsu LS-62-01 + PDP Injustice bat top | Similar to slightly less force to modulate compared to JLF/LS-32/HH, very short engagement for inputs, and chunky octo gate is a nice break after training on the JLW for a few hours

[details=Spoiler]Sorry but I couldn’t resist



Thanks for the suggestions guys. So after looking through both here and some reviews else where, I think I’ll give the ls-40 a try first seeing as some on here have said good things about it in terms of it’s functionality, though I will try the others most have suggested as well when I can get the chance.


I’ll swear by the Ls-40.


The JLW is awesome, I still can’t understand why so many people bashed it.


The JLW is amazing, the build quality and feel of it is like no other.


For shmups I liked the ls-32 a lot, but after trying the ls-40 it’s now my main shmup stick.


It’s a good joystick, but JLW stock may not be ideal for fighting games, due to the levered microswitches, unless you install the circle gate. And not everyone likes circle gates. You also have to solder directly to the PCB, unless you want to hack the JLF wiring harness for putting into an existing case designed for a PCB with a 5 pin wiring harness. You can use 22 gauge solid core for this.

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