This probably gets answered a billion times, but I tried using search and it wasn’t working. My questions are:

How many hours do you play per day? How does it effect your life(life outside of work/school). When you play is there one character you only focus on? I have seen some incredible footage and I’d really love to get that good, but with like anything it seems like you guys clock a lot of hours. I got quite a bit of time before I start college in August so I went ahead and bought SFAA and a cheap stick to kill time.

Sorry if I have started the one millionth topic, but I’m curious on to know.

what games?

I play SSBM about 2 hours a day @ my college in the game room, with my friends & other peeps (Mon-Thurs).

Luigi/C. Falcon/Jigglypuff FTW!

SSBM is big in my area.

i play vf5 for atleast 1 hour on weekdays

and 3 - 4 on weekends

i just play whenever and stick to one character to get good but variety is fun so i mess around with other ones etc

I play with a small group of friends every 3 or 4 days, about 2 hours on that day. We’ve did it for almost 5 years now off and on, and it seems to be a great balance.

4h a week (depends how drunk I am on the weekends)

It is actually a big issue in my case, as I fucking hate losing, and I live in Japan… (which makes victory not very frequent I have to admit…)
I became negative, fatalistic, histerical, paranoid and a little bit racist towards asians…

I usually try a few, choose one character and I never change.
Which is not a good think, as my friends know exactely how to play against my chars now… which means more losing, more hate, and less friends…

How many hours do you play per day?

Quite a few, but i never know the exact amount. 2 to 4 hours a day. about 8 or 9 on fridays and saturdays (usually total) depends really. I dont really know at all honestly.

How does it effect your life(life outside of work/school).

Not to bad. I give up sleep to have a social/and a work life. I work go hang with friends, date, do stuff around the house. Then at Night I watch my anime and play my games. I used to be able to fit all back before college but now i give up hours of sleep. I balance it out by completing being unable to move on sundays.

When you play is there one character you only focus on?

I play a shit load of games but my main games i usually will spend alot of time with my main’z (plural) i like play with other characters to. especially if im playing alone or with people who arnt to good, so it stays exciting.

On average about

Pre College - 1 hr per day
College - Up to 5 hrs per day
Post College - Less than 0.1 hrs per day

ya thats kinda what i meant about the time thing.

Im working and at college so i just sacrifice my rest for game time.

Wow, I thought people would be saying like 10+ hours a day.
Maybe it’s natural ability to kick ass in these games…hahahahah j/k.

I honestly have no idea how long I play each day. I just practice whenever I have free time, and hit up the arcade every weekend. Not much too it for me.

How many hours I play ?

Minimum:4 hours;
Average:8 hours.
I stop when I get bored of playing.

Some times I don’t even sleep.

After a point, it no longer matters how long you play per day or whatever unless this time is solely devoted to playing against players either at your own skill level or well above. At this point in time, I rarely play, but I’m at the point where I’m branching out and trying to go to tournaments where there will be varying levels of skill to play against.

1.5-2 on mondays and wednesdays. 4 on thursdays when my local gameworks has their time card special. Drinking and fighting games are interchangeable on the weekends.

I am still in school and my student union building has two marvel cabs. Work and school means less time to dick around. If I finish my homework early I throw down in whatever fighting game I feel like playing. I am decent at many fighting games, but I never practice or focus on a particular game long enough to gain beastly skills. I am not competitive, so that is part of the problem.

I have been playing fighting games since 1992 and am now 21. Only reason I can keep up with really good players is through wisdom I have developed through out the years.