Experiences after dual-modding your 360 stick?


So, in anticipation of Xrd, I’m looking to do a dual mod on my MLG TE (or is it a TE-S?) around Thanksgiving break. I’ve already done some googling and searching on reddit and SRK, so information on installation is readily available. Unfortunately, feedback about commonly used PCBs is harder to find than I expected, so either I’m shit at googling or people are content with whatever option they chose.

The options I’m looking at are:

– Phreakmods Cerberus
PS360+ (newest HW build) no longer interested
– Toodles ChImpSMD (high input lag posted from teyah.net testing makes me hesitant)

I was initially interested in the PS360+ due to all USB signals handled by one PCB, but I don’t really need support for all of those other systems since I only plan on playing fighters primarily on 360/PS3/PC. The Cerberus and ChImp both seem appealing due to similar ease of installation and saving $20 (maybe $30, if I understand correctly I don’t need the Cerberus connector version for dual modding a 360 stick).

Those that have dual modded their 360 sticks, which option did you go with, how long have you been playing on it, and what has your experience been like so far?

Also, I was going to buy my PCB from focusattack.com, but I heard that the site admin is a scumbag and/or engages in shady business practices? Is this true? If so, where should I buy from?


I can tell you now that the Toodles Chtulhu don’t lag.

PS360+ (newest HW build) Dont hold your breath, no one knows when this is out.


Not listed, but I used PhreakMods Teasy Strike. Worked great for me, and since his newest product is Cerberus, I’ll recommend that.


Just use a Cerberus and buy it off focus attack and no as far as I have know jaleel is not a scumbag shady guy. He has always shipped me working legit parts. But then again order from wherever you feel like as well that shouldn’t matter


Huh? If akishop is already shipping out replacements to recent buyers, doesn’t this mean that they should be available for purchase as well?



New build PS360 boards are now on the market. That said, since your stick is already a 360 one, it would be cheaper to add a Cerberus or Cthulhu- if your stick is “easy method” Cerberus install compatible, that would be ultra simple.


There are plenty of options for PS3 controller PCBs.

If you were interested in a padhack, any common ground generic HID device with enough buttons will work (but you should want one with a home button).

Forget about input lag; the only thing you should be concerned about when it comes to PCBs is whether they consistently report input under normal circumstances. So long as you can press any number of buttons at any time and have them register without fail, that is all you need (very few PCBs have issue here, the VSHG is the only one to come to mind). “Lag” is only noticeable when switching between sticks where input delay is significantly different. Either way, with one board at a time you will automatically adjust to that delay without noticing. Think of it like jet-lag, it’s exactly the same. This also goes per title and per console. There is a different delay between the circuit completing in your button to the input being registered (and the game acting upon it) in each case.

Of those three boards, I’d recommend… a padhack. If you could order a Cerebrus from Phreakazoid directly however, by all means do so.


According to your comments in Teyah’s thread lag, at least in regards to sticks, does not matter at all and the thread should be buried. Why bring it up here? Also, the PS360+ has been on the market for a bit now.


If going the Toodles route, I’d do the ChImp instead of Cthulhu and Imp.


Teasy Strike been discontinued

Again that is only recent buyers. New HW boards for purchase, don’t hold your breath.

I am still skeptical that Oh shit they are out, well I would pass on the PS360+ anyways. For Xbox 360 game play its best to use native boards.



Any reason why in particular? Did you or someone else have a bad experience with it?


In my expierence its just not worth the cost I have sold both my ps360+ boards and have just sticked to padhacking and Cerberus you can even dual mod a pad with the Cerberus. So cost wise you may be saving a few bucks only but I mean its more effective in my opinion if you can do the hard stuff than do it. The ps360+ has that whole easy mode install that makes people do that so they can save money as well. So there is always options for whatever level you are ranging from beginning ,intermediate, and advanced.


Text book computer science logic, hardware/software that native for that system works better than some 3rd party solution. Especially when that “solution” comes in the form of Asian grey market PCBs.

Also your Mad Catz TE-S has a much better Xbox 360 support that the PS360+ ever have (the MLG TE has a TE-S PCB with old style side panels).
You have a perfectly good Xbox 360 PCB, keep it. Get a Chimp or a Cerberus for your PS3/Xbox 360 dual mod.


After everything I’ve read I personally am staying away from PS360+. The recent (and very slow coming) hardware changeover, bugs, and lack of new legacy support are all red flags to me. If I had the need to do it I would go MC Cthulhu + Imp or Chimp. If you even own any older systems the MC setup is pretty tasty just to have the capability there if you want it. Either way the job is pretty easy, at least you have a 360 pcb!


Alright, fair enough with the PS360+. Guess I won’t go down that route then.

So, between the Cerberus and chimp, are there any major differences between the two that I should be aware of?


Functionality-wise, the two are pretty much identical.

The differences are all in the installation method(s).
The Cerberus is most suited for installation in Mad Catz sticks (easiest installation in most revisions of the Mad Catz X360 PCB), or in stealth mods (where you don’t want the dual-mod to show).
The ChImp is an all-round great PCB, but doesn’t excel in any installation process in particular; the installation of a ChImp will be identical no matter what PCB you’re dual-modding it to.

That being said, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them interchangeably; you’ll just need to find a suitable mounting method for the PCB that you’re going to use.