Experiencing any bugs in MVC2?

Hey guys,

Tons of hype over this thing, let’s hope it doesn’t let everyone down.

Sound off if you run into any bugs, or things working not as intended.

Try to detail the steps leading up to it. See if it’s repeatable.
Let us know.

Let’s try to keep this a consolidated bug list/discussion.

Edit : Switch trick was left out on purpose by the developers, you’re not going crazy.

ranked match on live.

i create, random guy joins, random guy leaves my channel, game freezes…yyyyyyaaaayyyyy

After a match or two, the lobby froze up until the host left.

in training menu “manual” is not avaiable even though it claims it to be there. Only have cpu and normal.

Ya know, I downloaded this just for shits and giggles and due to the fact I suck at it but just wanted it because its capcom. Anyway, I have to agree with some of you guys (at least on the 360 ver.) that this shit is laggy at the following screens:

  • Character Select
  • Start of Match

I haven’t done any online matches yet but when I do I’ll let you guys know what I come up with.

Maybe just a missing ‘feature’ but I can’t figure out where to set infinite DHCs in training mode,

In my ps/2 version I can DHC infinitley and get 999 hit combos by just fireball PP all day long. Is this missing, or am I just not seeing it?

Bug :

From main menu, then at single player or multiplayer select.
With a profile loaded to player 1 controller.

Pressing start on p2, and attempting to select and sign in a second gamer profile does not work correctly.
Menu of gamer profiles just refreshes, and prompts for selection again, and again, and again. Reboot/exit to dash is the only thing to remedy it.

has been successfully replicated 8 times out of 13 so far. I’m still not sure what the exact criteria is to trigger the bug.

But it’s definitely in there.

Is it my imagination or does switch trick no longer work? Also, that host a game, someone joins then leaves, crashes your current game sucks. If someone joins and the match doesn’t start within 10 secs, I normally exit to avoid the crash.

I’m not sure if this will replace DC marvel just yet…but it does look beautiful! Be on the look out for HD marvel vids soon :wink:

These bugs are sounding wack…

PS3 still has time though :shy:

Hopefully we’ll get a patch with the ps3 ver

Someone please can try the Shom combo with Chun-Li.

launcher, sj.lk, d+hk, dash, j.lk, j.hk.

This works at all? the Dash can come out right after the Stomp?

yeah i get that sometimes too.

also i had some crazy glitch. i was MSP and when i snapped out magneto and snapped in doom on a mag/storm/doom team. and doom FORWARD wavedashes AWAY from me (facing the wrong way) and he just disappeared hahaha. he became invisible and then i got hit by yellow upward ball super while he was still invisible, and hten when i landed, storm just appeared on the left side on the ground without coming out from normal jump height.

they got some things to work on but overall i’m defintiely happy with it.

this looks like an old glitch. its like u snap him, the char snapad come in then he spen a bar to counter tag to the first char that u snaped, then it happens, invisible glitch, but its nothing to worry, he is ther in the corner, just hit him.

Sure does. have fun waiting until the 13th of NEXT MONTH

I was playing magneto versus a ken, and after a super or something ken turned blue for the rest of the round.

^-- I had a white Storm once from some grenade that got rolled back. It appears that in some cases rollback doesn’t reset colors.

I would LOVE a feature in Ranked Mode where instead of just saying “1P Win” it would also show your stats.

And when it prompts you to create a lobby it should make a sound.

And when someone joins your lobby it should make a sound. =\

and let the “do you want voice” setting persist. setting that every time you create a lobby is bogus

and fix the “A to start match” text in the lobby so that it’s clear if it’s been pressed or not. too often people sit around being dumb not figuring that out.

i’ve commented on this before. people were not getting it out because they were playing on a laggy TV.

I’m sure there is no problem with this, but I will test again when I get home.

Also, these Bugs listed should specify whether its Xbox360 or PS3…or both. so please try to post them as xbox360 bugs only…so far

Just because it’s coming out two weeks later doesn’t mean it gets two extra weeks of development time. Multi-platform games like this are usually completed for all platforms and sent to the respective console companies for approval at the same time. Sony just happened to pick a release date that was later than what Microsoft planned.

Actually, in the Demo version it didnt work for sure, not Tv problem, u can mash dash all day long, with PP or FF, it will not come out early, … at least on DEMO version, tahts why I want ppl to test it on xbox…


Yeah old ass glitch. Still works. :angel: