Experiment arcade ps3


The video explain…




That is cool.
How the PlayStation 3 stay not hot?


there is space enough so that it is ventilated


I want that in my room. :lovin:




haha, looks awesome :smiley:


Holy ADD cameraman.


That looks very nice im jealous i want one…i miss arcades so much…


that would be a fun project. you know they have schematics for DIY cabinets all over the internet. I love to make one with a CPU running MAME along with both the major consoles. It’s definitely on my bucket list. Good thing I’m only 30 :wink:



I miss them too:sad:


Very nice, I am going to make a candy cab from scratch for my PC sometime in the future.


Mad nice. Crt or LCD Screen?


i like the name of the cabinet. it comforts you when youre not doing so well in the game

“its ok baby”


Do the coin mech’s work?